Let's take a look at this picture.....

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As the picture is so small, Im making a list:
- 7 girls shoes (between size 4 and 6)
- 3 Matches boxes
- 2 rolls of the wallborder from the girls room
- A spoon
- Johnson's Oil
- Glue
- A comb
- 5 empty chocolate wraps
- A painting brush
- An open package of powder to make juice
- A roll of toilet paper
- A measuring tape
- A bucket to to put all this things on

What's up with all this? Early in the morning, my lovely nana, put all those things in the purple bucket and give it to the maintenance guy. He put it away in the little thingy were the security guys sit down.

The nana was doing a lot of things that we were not happy about, and we decided to fire her. So, after she left, my husband drove to tell the security guys that we fire her and that she was not allowed to enter my residential again. The security guy had her on the security box and bring her holding her from an arm and with this bucket in the other hand. That @#$*%& lady was stealing all that. The security guys from where I live happen to be police officers and he wanted to put her in jail. After hubby made her feel like garbage, he told him to let her go. She was crying and saying Im sorry, and thank God that wasnt me in my hubby's shoes.

Tomorrow I will be calling the agency to report her and she wont be able to get another job as a maid through an agency again. Plus, Im calling to get a note in her cedula for the Secretaria de Trabajo (the government entity that take cares of employment in this country).

We will never know what she took last weekend, or the weekend before that, but oh well.

BTW, FYI the doesnt have girls.... She has 3 boys ages 5, 9 and 12, and doesnt have nieces. Why would she take 7 girls shoes?
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Erica said...

This is very strange hunny and Im sorry that this happened to you. I wonder why that lady would take those things....but I am glad she was caught before anything worse happened. God Bless your family and that they are safe


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