Gaby is my first born and the one that teach me how to be a mom for the first time. I still can remember when I finally pushed her out after 48 hours for labor, and all I could saw were those two beautiful eyes.

Most people say that Im always backing her up, but it just that I feel that everybody is expecting too much from her just because she's the oldest. I know she can understand more, but she still needs to be held and cuddled cause she is just a baby too.

We have been cutting her hair to make it grow stronger and just when I decided that I was going to let it grow, she got infected with lices, and after two months of failed treatment we had to cut her hair pretty short. This is how you she looked back in January:

Her hair was growing and she had a beautiful lenght, but I went to the beauty salon to cut a little bit some hair that were already covering her eyes, and while I put my head down to pick up Mia, the lady CUT it TOO much again!!! I was angry but there was nothing I could have done to "attach" the hair back in her head!!!

So, today Gaby started asking me for a pony tail just like "Sasha" (a friend from school), and I was explaining her that her hair was too short for that. She asked me to try, and when I did it I couldnt believe how much hair I was actually being able to hold with the scrunchie!!! She looked SO mature and so big that I couldnt help but to take a pictures!!!! Here they are:
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Anonymous said...

Aww sooo cute I cant wait till i can do my little FIFIs hair :)


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