I will be checking this out in three months!! Let's see how much I can get done by then!!

1. To stick to my budget
2. To open an account for each girl and to put the same amount of money monthly in each account. It won’t be much because we are pretty tight, but at least 5 bucks on each account so by the end of the year, we can use that money to buy one Christmas presents for each. This is more to start teaching them to save.
3. To start buying cloth from Ebay, and do not buy stuff until Im sure that I got the best deal for it.
4. To make food-shopping lists and to stick to them
5. Cut down eating out to ONE time a month.

1. To get Mimi’s ears pierced and PRONTO
2. To have Gaby back into a harness seat
3. To get Mimi to eat three meals a day
4. To get Mia to eat for healthy and to keep researching about her intestinal problems
5. To lose at least 5 pounds each month. To go back to South Beach diet, and to do the Elliptical every day. Also to keep a blog about my progress.

1. To become a cloth diapering mama, and stop using disposable diapers and wipes
2. To take the girls to play outside of the house at least one time a week
3. To make play-dates at least one time a month
4. To go out as a family at least 4 times in the year to somewhere outside the city (even if is just to the beach……. Visiting my dad doesn’t count).
5. Play a bit more with the girls
6. To have a day out with ONE girl at least one time a month (a different girl each month, starting with Gaby, then Mia and then Mimi).

1. To let friends and family to help us out if they please, and don’t say no to every help that is offered
2. To take care more of myself, and start being Anelys and not just the girl’s mom.
3. To have one night out with hubby in the first trimester of the year, and then at least 3 more before the year ends
4. To call my dad one time a week to check on him, and to visit him at least one time a month
5. To sleep at least 6 hours at night for the first semester, and at least 8 hours at night for the second semester
6. Be more patient as a mother, as a wife and as a daughter

1. Set up monthly goals for my biz
2. To get my web page running and to solve my paypal issues
3. To advertise my biz in DR and focus in the customers that I can get in this country.
4. To finish my first paid a Web Page that I already started doing
5. To set up a working schedule for my biz, and do not work overnight

1. To start getting rid of the toys that Mimi outgrows by the time she is 12 months old and give them away
2. To make a chores schedule and stick to it
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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