Mimi will be 7 months old on Saturday and today was her monthly check up. Mimi was a 4 pounder at birth, who came home with 3 pounds, 15 ounces, and by the time she was 4 months she was already 13 pounds and 15 ounces (one ounce to 14 pounds), and I was really happy about it. But, when we took her for her 5 months check up, we find out that in a whole month she only gain 4 ounces, and grow a 1/4 of inch. I was really sad, and I knew it was bc of her formula.... She was using LactoFree (with cero lactose). At her 6 months old check up she was 14 pounds, 12 ounces!!! I couldnt believe that in two months she gained less than one pound, and grow less that one inch. She was on the 3rd percentile, so 97% of all babies weighted more than her.

So, we switched formulas again, and introduce solids. She is not a big eater but she loved the new formula... it was a regular formula, but a little bit softer. Well, Im HAPPY to say that today she weighted 17 pounds, 12 ounces, so she gained 3 POUNDS, and she grow almost 2 inches. Now she is on the 60th percentile for weight, and 19th percentile for height. Im SO HAPPY that I almost cried.

Posted by Anelys Perez On 12:58 AM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

OMG wow she gained alot !!!! Congrats little MIMI!!!

Jennifer said...

Thats great that she gained so much!! She is getting so big though, not talking about weight gain, just talking about getting big in general, LOL. And so so cute!!!

Adrians Mama said...

Way to go MIMI!!!!!!


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