So, I took her! And of course I had to admit that I know she is 6 months old when the ped told me how much she weights! It's not enough to have born so tiny, but noiw she has been stuck since month four. She gained 4 ounces from Month 4 to Month 5, and now from Month 5 to Month 6, she gained 11 ounces.... For a total of 14 pounds and 12 ounces, around third percentile for her age. Ok, people will say: "Dont worry mama, it is just that she is growing more!" WRONG!! ERROR!! She has been growing a 1/4 of inch since month 4 for a total of 24 3/4 inches! Around the same percentile....

The pediatrician told me: I see her great, she looks great, let's wait until next month! He send her to eat solids three times a day, to see if that is what she means. His list was really funny: No red meat, no honey, no eggs whites, and bla bla bla (all those things that I know already)... but what does he means with no meat? does that means that she already can eat chicken?? She havent even tried Rice cereal and this guy is talking to me about CHICKEN?? ok Anelys, breath breath breath.... Let's go back to the fact that we know he is a really good pediatrician, and that he is telling me since 2 months ago to start her on cereal but I havent....

So, somebody is due to start solids tomorrow when we are alone with the girls (no nana). Hubby and I already made the decision. Probably Mimi is going to be the type of babies that likes to eat, and that are not that thrilled for milk. Who knows??

The pediatrician says that is probably because she is using lactofree formula! So, I have been buying the most expensive type and brand of formula around for him to tell me that she is not gainning weight for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, we are going to try Enfamili Gentlease, which is as expensive as the other one, but he gave me two free cans, so that's something. Giving two free cans of formula to the mother of three milk drinkers and three diaper users, is like giving a diamong ring to somebody else. I never get free anythings in this country!!! Nothing is free!!!

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