The exam results came back negative, so it looks like I just have a bad case of Conjunctivitis. Mia and Gaby are completely healed and also hubby is getting better... Mimi is going back already, but Im still strong. My eyes are better, because I can open them a little bit more but Im still ugly.... Here is a picture of my #$&%*^ eyes:

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So, Im scared of the girls using the water in their faces, but who says they cant take a shower?? Who says that we cant make a cool way to take a shower protecting our eyes?? Well, we decide to plan to a trip to the pool, I mean, mommy's bathroom, and take a shower...

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Mia is refusing to use the googles so we are cleaning her face and hair with bottled water. Hubby is going to buy extra chlorine for our water tomorrow.... The funny thing is that I was going to start bathing Mimi with that water already, but I guess she will be using bottled water 6 more months....

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Cara said...

Hey Girl

I had a bit of a shock when I was reading this morning . . but i am glad that everything came back okay!!
Now to just get you better . .
The shower idea is just so cute . .

I went to the Dr today too, we have a bout of gastro going through the office but also i needed to see what shots i have to get for my travel :)


My3Ro's said...

Hope all is back to normal very soon. We miss you girl!


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