After complaining of lots of pain in the ear and in the eyes, Hubby took Gaby early in the morning of yesterday to the ER. She came from there with medicines for PINK EYE and another otitis!! Im sick of otitis!!

She ER doctor told me hubby that she cant go to school because she will get the whole school with Pink Eye, and I just knew in that moment that we were all going to get it!! It didnt took long for me to get it!! Lots of pain the eye and I was kinda swollen. Then Mia got it and then hubby got it... The only clean eye in the house is Mimi, so far. The nana is coming back today, and I just HOPE she doesnt get it too.

I woke up at 4am because of Mimi and I couldnt OPEN my eyes!! They were sealed!! I did everything in my hands to open them and I just couldnt. Hubby took care of Mimi and I just went back to sleep. BUT, at 7am it was time for hubby to leave for work so I HAD to wake up and I HAD to open my eyes. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, washed my face, and then I started opening my eyes with both hands! It took me almost 10 minutes to open a little bit. The only reason that Im writing this is because I know the keyboard by heart because otherwise I wouldnt be able to see.

I was scared of staying with the girls, but I have no choice. I already called my mom and she will be bringing her maid and taking me to the ER because the reason I cant open my eyes is because they are sooooooo swollen that it feels that I have two ping pong balls inside of them. They are also so red that it's scary. Hubby left for work, and he was going to see the doctor over there, so she decides if he can stay or he has to come back. He just didnt want to call in sick.... He prefers that they send him home, if they do it, because he is not that bad.

UGLY EYES WARNING.... (Im using my fingers to open my eyes for this picture but I cant open them that wide on my own)

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Posted by Anelys Perez On 7:13 AM 4 comments

4 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

OMG i didnt know thats what pink eye looks like!!! Holy Crapola!!! Girl that looks painful .....are you getting any meds from the doctor?!?!?!? Or does it just go away by itself ????

CancunCanuck said...

Ouch! Oh Anelys, having just been through this in our house, I know EXACTLY how miserable it is! I hope you guys all have good antibiotics and drops! I found chamomile tea to give me some relief too (on a sterile cotton or gauze pad, as hot as you can stand it, the bacteria doesn't like heat). Constant hand washing is imperative to stop spreading it and you need to wash all your pillow cases, face cloths, etc..

Take care of everyone, yourself included!

Adrians Mama said...

OMG you poor thing!!!! I hope you all get better soon!!!

Jennifer said...

OMG!!! That is the worse case of pink eye I have EVER seen. I so hope you begin to feel better soon!


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