For the past 5 months or so Mia have been doing an strike about the crib.... She can be dead asleep and as soon as she feels like you are going to put her on the crib she cries bloody murder!! I mean, she wont cry, she would SCREAM!!! As we were at my mom's house, I was sleeping in a room with Mimi, and hubby was sleeping in another room with Gaby and Mia. So, to make things easier he started putting her on the bed, and that way she would sleep the whole night.

On Tuesday, when we were buying the nanny's bed, we decided to go ahead and buy Mia a twin bed. We just had room to take the nanny's bed, so they were going to deliver Mia's bed. Well, we got it yesterday, and when I set up the room with both twin beds and the crib, Gaby and Mia were really excited! I still need to buy both bedrails (I had to give away Gaby's double bedrail to a friend who had her 6 year old sleeping on the top of a bunk bed and her hubby said it was useless to buy them!!... I just couldnt help it!).... In the mean time, Im putting comforter and pillows on the floor. I also took the base away while we buy the bedrails....

Here are the girls sleeping in their room TOGETHER!!!
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Mimi is in the other side of the room
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Until later!
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My3Ro's said...

Love the theme. It is adorable! Great idea sticking Mia in her own big girl bed. If only I could convince my hubby to do the same for Ro-n. Love ya sis and I send lots of well wishes

Anonymous said...

They look great as ever...Congrats to Mia on going to a big girl bed!!! Sofia is only 2 months and since day one she has been on strike for the crib.....right ow she is in a bassinet and same thing ....she will be dead asleep and as soon as she gets near the crib...its bloody murder!!!

Jennifer said...

I love the way the room turned out!

None of my kids have a bed rail on their beds, I did like you and put a pillow on the floor for about a week so that they got used to where the edge of the bed is, then after that, they really never fell out off the side of the bed. Even Lana, who has been in a big girls bed since right before her 1yr birthday. ;)

But I know if we had cement floors I would be more adament on bed rails!

Cara said...

Hey Girl
I finally got to view the pics . . wow the party looked fantastic and the girls room is so cute!!
They are getting big

Love Cara


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