Ok.... Im sorry for the non Spanish Speakers (Cara) but there's no better way to say that.

When is not one thing is the other.... Aparently I was the only one not reading the newspaper but there's a thing going around here since the tropical storm called Leptospirosis and I have ALL THE SYMPTOMS: High fever, headache, dry cough, diarrhea, joint aches, bone pain, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and less than 10,000 count of white cells.

The funny thing is that I dont have a dog, havent see any indicator of rats around here and havent been to the pool or beach since we moved to Santo Domingo. Aparently I could have got it from dirty water from the Storm!! The exact exam wont be ready until tomorrow, but for now we just have to wait. There are 25 deaths reported to this desease already, so let's pray Im not the 26th. The girls' ped think that it could be Pink Eye plus Dengue, but we have to wait for the Leptospirosis results first.

My mom took Mimi to her house yesterday, because we dont want her to get infected, but I miss her to death. I prefer to miss her, to have her here with pink eye. I did bloodwork to Gaby, Mia and hubby just in case, but they havent had fever, so it looks like they just have pink eye. We know there are 3 more kids from Gaby's class with pink eye, but we have no idea how is possible that she was the one that bring that to the house and Im worst than everybody else.

Luckily this happend to us now, and not 2 weeks ago when my mother in law, sister in law and her husband were here.

Until later

Edited to add: Never mind with Mimi... My mom's maid called me earlier to let me know that Mimi's eyes are a little bit red and that she has teary eyes.... Oh well.... Meds for her already!!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 10:08 AM 2 comments

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Erica said...

wow girl that is scary hopefully you dont have that sickness and is just the pink eye...keep us posted !!!

CancunCanuck said...

I sure hope everyone is ok, it's bad enough having the pink eye! I know with Jorge and I, he got it first, I got it the worst! We both had baaaaad headaches, nausea and dizziness and fever too, it can go along with a bacterial pink eye so hopefully it's just that. It is best to keep the uninfected away from you, as hard as it is on mami, it's best for everyone!


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