After Tropical Storm Noel most of the people in this Country are having problems with the electricty and with getting water. The water in my house hasn't come in since a few days ago, and the water that we had in our cisterna was over on Monday. We have been using bottled water to wash the dishes, to take showers (well, that will be baths, lol), and even to clean.

Yesterday, my husband decided to empty one of the "tanques" (hug buckets) that my mother in law have send us full of stuff for the girls from the states. This one was full of Little People )from Fisher Price), and we had to hide them from the girls not to see them all in the floor.

What for?? To go to the Gas Station and get water from them!! Oh yes, we never have done something like that, but our pocket was suffering from all the bottled water, so we had to go that direction. When my husband got there, there were 4 neighbors over there too!! One of them told my him that she called the water company and they say we will just receive water to fill up our cisternas and tinacos on Wednesdays until the water problems are over.

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We are probably going to keep that thing full of water all the time, just in case.....

And because I want to, here is a picture of Mia from yesterday.....

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Posted by Anelys Perez On 6:27 AM 4 comments

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cul-ture-queen said...

Mia is getting big! She is such a cutie.

cul-ture-queen said...

Mia is getting big. Kisses to her.

Anonymous said...

Oh man girl I cant believe that....That is horrible....we get floods alot in my neighboorhodd ...Luckily Im on a hill so i dont get the flood water.....but then i can leave the hill i get the water problems and electrical problems....Let me know if you need anything...even though you are far ...I will try to help :)

Jennifer said...

That sucks not having any water, but I know that happens. In Honduras it seems when there is rain there is no running water, which I just find very funny, LOL.


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