I have been dying to post about this, but needed to respect the timing... Im very happy to announce that I will be a new auntie time two!!!! My little brother is going to be a dad. I didnt know about this until a few weeks ago, because it was an unplanned pregnancy and they were keeping it low, but he is very happy, and of course I am too.... He is my brother from my dad and his wife, and I love him very much!!!

Also, the reason why Im posting about this today is because today I can finally announce a pregnancy that I have been drying to announce... My friend CARA is 13 weeks pregnant today!!!!!!!!!!! The first trimester is over and we are all VERY VERY VERY happy!!!!! She has been looking forward to have a baby for soooo long, and Im very happy that she is already pregnant! Her baby's due date has the same due date (except for 2 days) that Mimi had in 2007. That means that is everything goes as planned to she reaches her due date, her baby will be born at the end of June....

Here is a picture of the Jelly Bean aka JB:
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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Cara!!!! I emailed her before but i know she will make a wonderful mommy ...Im super excited for her!!!!! And congrats to your brother that is great news!!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks!! Im really excited too...


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