Today was the Christmas Play at school.. They have been practicing for weeks, and all the parents were looking forward to it... Each grade was performing several songs, and wearing costumes... The costumes were handmade by the school's secretary so most of the parents (like us) had no idea what the kids where going to wear.

The first performance was Mia's grade (the youngest of the school - 2 years olds), and Mia was a CANDLE!!!!!!!!!!! She was soooooooooooooooo cute!!!! She didnt performed AT ALL, though. They told me that she was one of the best ones during the rehearsals, but I guess she had stage freight. They were actually only 2 or 3 performing as it was their first time ever... We recorded both performances, but we did it with the video camera, and we still need to download a program to convert it so I can share videos on the blog. Also, notice the banner on the back?? That was hubby who did it with the face of each kid from the preschool:


Remember Mia's crush? Well, he was one of the two or three that were signing, and he was actually screaming the songs.. It was sooo cute that everybody was laughing... Here is a picture of Camila laughing on him too!! Sooo cute!!!

After the 3 years old class and Pre-K, Gaby's K grade was up. She was a PURPLE CRAYON!!!!!!!!!! Tooooooooooooo cute!!!! They sang a song that talks about "Coloring your Christmas with love", hence why she was dressed as a crayon.





After the play, we stopped by her classroom and we found what they were using to learnd and practice the songs:


It was an awesome day. After the play, we gave Gaby an Activity Book from Hi5 that auntie Cara sent her with the package from the other day (as Im saving the rest for Christmas). She couldnt be happier. Everybody was asking her about the book, and she was proudly saying that they were Hi5 from Australia (as the guys from the show are different that the ones that the kids watch here).

Mimi also had the presentation at her program, and I was planning to stop by after Mia's perfomance but before Gaby's performance as it is a couple of blocks away... They called me just when Mia's presentation was about to start to let me know Mimi had fever (they wanted permission to give her some Tylenol). One of my co-workers was there, so I asked her to look out after her for 15 minutes while Mia's presentation was over (as they told me it was not that high). Anyway, when I got there, she was on her teacher's arms and not participating of anything, so I just took her over the other school with me to see Gaby's perfomance. Here are some pictures of her in the school's lobby, while playing with some puzzles...


Posted by Anelys Perez On 6:30 PM 5 comments

5 Lovely comments :

Adrians Mama said...

I cant believe all of those costumes were handmade! How cool and creative!!!! I cant wait to see the videos!

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

How cute!!!!! I love all the costumes.

Thank you for my blinkie!!! It's adorable!

Anonymous said...

OMG they all look soooo cute!!!!! Of course Gaby had to be the Purple crayon...LOL

Cindy said...

Those outfits are so precious!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Meaghan: Yeah.. It is amazing....

Jessica: Thannks and no problem!!

Erica: Yeah for the purple crayon... =)

Cindy: Thanks!


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