I was checking out last year's resolution, and we didnt accomplish LOTS of them... That was not the plan (as Im very eager to follow with what I decide to), but I think we have grown so much as a family and as individuals that in overall I think the 2008 gave us LOTS of lessons learned.

This year I will be a bit more strict with our resolutions, and I will be going over them at the start of every season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). There are some that were from last year that we didnt accomplish, and that I plan to do starting now!

1. To work out on the new budget with the new expenses we have starting this month
2. To open an account for each girl and to put the same amount of money monthly in each account. It won’t be much because we are pretty tight, but at least 5 bucks on each account so by the end of the year, we can use that money to buy one Christmas presents for each. This is more to start teaching them to save.
3. To make food-shopping lists and to stick to them

1. To get Mimi to get checked by the Eye doctor as I have the feeling she also has lazy eyes as Gaby.
2. To get Mimi to get checked by the endocrinologist this month.
3. To get Mimi to get checked by a dermatologist
4. To plan the girls lunch in a weekly basis and continue doing the snacks plan.
5. To get Gaby to get checked by an orthopedist for a second opinion on her bull legs
6. To go again to my OB this month for referrals to try to find out what is wrong with me and my inability to lose weight... I need to get checked from head to toes!
7. To buy my eyeglasses in the first 2 months
8. To finish Gaby's neurologist follow ups.

1. To resume with cloth diapers
2. To take the girls to play outside of the house at least one time a week
3. To make playdates at least one time a month
4. To go to the beach or another place for the family every last Sunday of the month
5. To have a day out with ONE girl at least one time a month (a different girl each month, starting with Gaby, then Mia and then Mimi).
6. To start the new reward program for the girls.

1. To have one night out with hubby in the first trimester of the year, and then at least 3 more before the year ends
2. To call my dad one time a week to check on him, and to visit him at least one time a month
3. Be more patient as a mother, as a wife and as a daughter

1. Set up new monthly goals for my biz
2. To get the new version of my web page running
3. To launch a new website that I have been working with hubby (in order to separate the family customers with the business customers)

1. To sort all the toys that the girls have outgrow and that needs a new home
2. To sort all the clothes that the girls have outgrow and that needs a new owner
3. To make a chores schedule and stick to it
4. To buy a binder for each girl and organize all their papers (medical, school, identification, etc.)
5. To fully organize that medicine cabinet and label the medicines
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Stacey Ho said...

Meal planning is a great goal. I started this months ago and created a terrific weekly calendar with side bars to right stuff down for th next week as I think of it. I would be happy to share it with you and I bet you could make it look super cute to hang on your fridge :)
Good luck!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

That would be AWESOME if you share it with me!!!

Send it my way, please!!!! =)

Heather said...

Looks great! Good Luck!


We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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