We had a good start of the year spending some quality time with my bro, sister in law and nephew. Mimi got her ears pierced and we started cloth diapering. Mimi was already 7 months and she and Mia started playing together. Also Mimi started holding the bottle by herself, clapping and got her first tooth. We also had lots of visitors coming this month to our house and it was awesome! It was also my birthday month and I turned 27. Gaby had her first trip from school and I went with her (Mimi and Mia stood at my mom’s house).

Mimi had her first Valentine’s Day. The girls had a playdate (and us too) with several “cousins” (my cousins’ daughters and son) and had lots of fun. This was a difficult month for Gaby at school. When her behavior improved she was rewarded with pool time in the backyard which they all loved! Mimi also took one step, and started getting ready to walk! Our old neighbor from our old town came to visit us with her 3 kids… That was really fun! It also launched my website after selling my cards for over a year by word of mouth and emails.

What a month!! It was an awesome month with great things. The first thing that happened this month is that the girls got to go to a party from one of my school’s friends since Elementary school. Then, Gaby had a get together at her godmother’s house with the other girls that she is also godmother to. Then my dear friend Cara came all the way from Australia to spend time with us. Also, I accepted the morning job in the school that Im working now, which meant that Mimi and Mia started “preschool” for the first time ever. I also ended up blind when I rubbed my eyes with my hands dirty of sunblock. We also celebrated Mia’s birthday party which was a total BLAST! Also hubby turned 29.

This was an adaptation month for all of us. I finally started talking to adults in real life (much needed), and the girls started to get some quality time with other kids their age. Gaby also had her first sleepover at a friend’s house. We got together with Cara at the Airport while she was changing Airplanes after her visit to Cuba. I also FINALLY started driving. On this month was Mia’s actual second birthday and she took cupcakes to her “preschool”. Mimi also started attending to a “preschool” close to my job, instead of close to the house.

We went to the Zoo with my nephew Ariel. It was also a scary month cause Mia and Mimi were both hospitalized which was no fun! Mimi also decided to walk by my eyes (as she has been walking in school, but not in the house since several days!!). Mimi turned ONE this month, which made me a mom of three toddler girls. We also celebrated Mother’s Day.

This was another month full of great things. The first thing that happened was that Mia started potty training. Then it was Gaby’s Moving Up ceremony as she finished Pre-K. We were so proud of her!!! Then it was Mimi’s baptism and birthday party. It was a beautiful day! Another thing that happened is that I got my first girls night out since forever with Luz. We found a place called Happy Land where we have take the girls several times after that… We celebrated my mom’s 57th birthday.

This was sure a busy month. Hubby and the girls were out from school and had lots of fun!!! Mimi is out of bottles for good. Also my best friend graduated from college. This was the month that my grandpa got sick, and Mia cracked her head open. We also celebrated our local Father’s Day. We also made lots of shopping for back to school.

Hubby started working at the same school that I work, which came with the package of Gaby changing schools so we are all in the same school except for Mimi (who is a block away anyway). Gaby did great at the evaluation to enter Kindergarten, and this month was mostly a back to school shopping. The girls also celebrated Sister’s Day. Both girls started this school year happily, and Mia even got to spend a day with her godmother. I launched my shop’s blog. We had several storms, and our car broke down!

This month the girls had mismatch day at school.. That was fun! There were also lots of days off because of the continue raining and storms. A new addition to our home came this month: Sassy! Also Mia and Gaby had severe asthma episodes…. It was also Ariel’s second birthday. This was also a difficult month for hubby as he got hurt on his back very bad.

Gaby turned 5!! We celebrate it with a My Little Pony party at school. Then something very tragic to all of us happened: My purse got snatched with the camera inside with all the photos from the party. Gaby got prescribed with daily eye patches because of her lazy eye. I also got diagnosed and medicated for Tachycardia and high blood pressure. Gaby also had a major haircut. I also got an award for my blog and my blog’s name changed to Blooming Buds. Gaby started having problems at school.

We started the month going to the beach because of our 6th anniversary! We also had a costume day at home as their Halloween got ruined. We got a meeting to try to solve Gaby’s problems at school. We also celebrated my first blogoversary! An “interesting” thing that happened was the Mimi poke my ear and I was diagnosed with mild hearing loss. It was evaluation time at school. Gaby got her eyeglasses which she most wear all the time. I also found out that my friend Cara is pregnant (even though I couldn’t say a word until she was 13 weeks).

My business is on her best moment and we are doing very good. Im very proud of my shop! It was my dad’s birthday and we spend some time with him! We also went to a birthday party and the girls had a blast. Gaby got evaluated by a psychologist and neurologist by preschool’s suggestion. Santa visited school and the girls were sooo happy!!! It was also the girls Christmas presentation and Gaby did an awesome job. Mia didn’t move but she was so stinkin’ cute. We celebrated Christmas eve and Christmas and we are so blessed. Mimi got to spend time with both godmothers also! My blog got its own domain!
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6 Lovely comments :

Organized Nutrition said...

how fun to see your year in photos!
Hey, run to my blog, I am giving you an award!!!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Feliz Año Anelys, may 2009 make all your flowers grow and thrive!

Heather said...

Great pixs! Another amazing year together girl! May God bless you and your family and may 2009 bring much joy and happiness!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Denai: Thanks!!! You are so sweet!!!!

Kelly: Thanks for your wishes... Hope you guys have an awesome year too!!!!

Heather: Yes, another great year together... Cant believe it... It went by so fast!!!!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I loved all of the colages!!!

Jennie B said...

wow, I have enjoyed reading about your year! it was full and seems very rewarding!! Great photo montages as well, too cute.


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