Today I had a very long converstation with Santa Claus and baby Jesus. I was reminding them how important is Christmas for me, and how I want them to learn about the real meaning of Christmas, but also I wanted them to receive at least a portion of the many gifts that I received when I was a kid.

I hardly buy toys during the year, and even for their birthdays we dont buy many gifts, because the gift is always the party... This year was an exception with Gaby's birthday, as she got gifts because we were not doing a real party, only a party at school. But, anyway, birthday gifts are only for the birthday girl, but on Christmas there are gifts for the three of them!! They get to have gifts for themselves, and also gifts to share with their sisters. Also, they get to give gifts to other people, and feel joy with it.

So, today I was explaining them how my girls deserved something HUGE this Christmas because they have been spending more time apart from me than usual because I have been having a lot of work to do. This Christmas I want it to be ONE BIG gift instead of TONS of LITTLE gifts... They both took notes, and I ordered what I wanted... My heart is full of joy and I CANT wait to see their face on Christmas morning. I told them that if they wanted to get little things for them too, that it was Ok, but that the main thing was the ONE BIG gift. I also told them what I wanted for my nephew Ariel and the also write it down! Cant believe there is still 20 more days until Christmas!!


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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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