.... or at least that it was Google Maps says.

Six months ago, my dear friend Cara, sent my girls a package with a few gifts directly to my house (instead of using my Florida mailing address), and it was a fact that it was lost.

We were both really sad, but something told me to call today. I didnt speak with the same lady that I had spoke before, and the one that I talked to today had another idea... She asked me if by any chance the package had CD's or DVD's and I told her that most likely. So, she explained me that there is another department on the postal office where packages with certain types of articles goes to. I called to that other department and within 15 minutes the guy located the package!!!!! He told me that it was there since JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He told me that they have been calling me at least one time a week, but they only had my home number and nobody is there to pick up the phone in the mornings. He also told me that they left a slip on my house, and even though I told him that it was not possible, now Im thinking that maybe Sassy ate it, cause they slipped them under the door, and she eats just about ANY paper that goes under the door!!!

I wont post them until the girls sees them, but I wanted to thank Cara for being such a good friend and for being an "angel" in our lives. The gifts are fabulous and Im SURE the girls will love them all!!!! I also wanted to post a card that I made for her birthday that I never got to post. Love you girl!!!

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Cazza said...

I can't believe that it actually arrived . . .AND that you made me wait to read it on here LOL :-))

YAY I hope that everything still works and the girls like it all

Love Cara

Heather said...

Yeah for found packages. It once took me 9 months to get my package to Kenya. Getting mail is such a great feeling! Yeah for Cara sending it!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Cara: That was the big surprised that I mentioned on chat!! I love everything that is in there, and Im sure the girls will to!!! =)

Heather: It is funny cause it actually arrived in a week and was ready for me to get it, but I wasnt home to find out.. LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG that is amazing hun!!! im so happy you got to receive her gifts !!!!!!!

Flower said...

That is GREAT news! Talk about some unexpected happiness showing up!?!? I hope the girls enjoy their gifts and that God for that one angel at the post office that was willing to think outside the box. I love people like that!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: Yes... Im very happy!!

Flower: The did enjoyed them... VERY much!!!!!


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