I have said it before, my friend Cara is like an ANGEL in our lives.

She is part of a choir, and today I had the opportunity to hear that angel singing.... Sadly I was not able to be there as she is all across the world, BUT she posted two videos for me to see on her blog. She only posts on this blog when she travels, but she posted this for all of us to be able to see it.

Words cant express the joy that my heart felt when I heard her signing... she has a beautiful voice, and her signing is simply amazing.... I wish she could be closer so she could sing to my girls as beautiful as she sang in that concert. I wish she knew how GOOD she sounds!!!

We all watched it and Gaby was sooooooooooooooooooooo excited... she said that she wanted to be there because auntie Cara was a PRINCESS with a PRECIOUS singing!!!

She didnt upload it to You Tube, so I cant post it on my blog... But, you guys can stop by her blog and listed to her by yourselves... You can click on the image here and it will take you to her post.... By the way, she is the one with the princess dress....
Posted by Anelys Perez On 8:16 AM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

Cazza said...

THANK YOU that is very sweet of you to say :-))

I had a blast that night besides it being WAY too hot under those lights!

Glad Gabby thought I looked good as a princess :-))

Love you all

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

It was great that you had a blast... That is the most important thing!!! Love you girl!!

Anonymous said...

I saw it she is an amazing singer!!!!!!


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