November is the month of the family, and because of that the school had a "Granparents Day" at school today. My in-laws are overseas, my dad very far, and my mom in a meeting from her job that was planned since forever ago and that there was no way for her to scape from... So, that left my girls grandparent-less.

I knew that was not going to help with Gaby's adaptation, as she was going to see all the other kids with several grandparents (some even with all 4 of them), and she was going to be by herself. I knew Camila was not going to understand much to be upset, so I didnt worried about her.

My girls calls my mom's sister: "abuelados", which is a fun made up way to say: Grandma #2, and they have been very close to her (even though not as much as with my mom, of course). Her husband is in a very critical condition, and she hardly goes anywhere. However, that day, she made the arrangements to go out because one of her granddaughters had a birthday party at school. So, as that school was close to our school, I decided to give it a call and Im glad I did.

By the time she got there, Camila's activity was over, but my aunt had to opportunity to participate in Gaby's activity and it was great!!!! Im sure some of the other kids would have let Gaby "borrow" an extra grandparent for the activity, but it was great that Gaby was able to do it with somebody that she loves and that loves her...

There was no pictures taken, but I will take pictures of the activity they made and update this post when I do... My aunt took Gaby home with her (as all the grandparents did) and she spent a couple of hours there waiting for us to pick her up...
Posted by Anelys Perez On 10:38 PM 2 comments

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww so sweet that she could go to Gabys school !

Heather said...

Hey family is family, no matter who they come into our lives. Trust me, my kids got family in all states and countries, lol! Glad they had a good time.


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