Even though hubby and I managed to have a dialy 21 minutes break when we were watching the 10 season of friends (we finished like 3 weeks ago and we miss them very much), we are lacking with "official" date with the girls as a whole family.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with my dear friend Michele from Sew Posh Boutique and she told me: "Gotta run, the girls and husband are waiting for my for movie night". It got me wondering how we dont have set up activities with the girls anymore. We play with them, we do homework with Gaby, and we try to do activities with them, but they are not constant and they are definitely not the same day at the same time.

When it comes to watching movies and programs, normally hubby and I watch a movie on my computer, while the girls watch a kids movie in the room. We hardly do it together. As part of the project to "save the flowers", we decided to have: "Friday Movie Night".

We did some googling and came with some conclusions to make it possible, and here is what we plan to do (and already did today):

* Set a date: The first thing to do was to set a day of the week and a time. We decided we will be doing it every Friday at 7:00p.m.
* Fast and early dinner: We normally have dinner by 7:00pm, so that night we will be having dinner by 6:00pm, and it needs to be an easy and fast dinner. Anyway, we will have snacks during the movie.
* Make it official: I made, printed and laminated sign for the movie night that I hang on close to the TV.
* Make it yummy: The only way that Mimi will stay there is if she has some good snack to eat... We will be sure to have pop corn available every Friday night, and maybe some small crackers.

Cant wait!!

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