Wow!!! I CANT believe Mimi is 18 months old already! There are some many and so many things that were suppose to wait until she was 18 months old, that is feels crazy to know that SHE IS 18 months old already!!

There is no way I can count how many words she says, but I can tell she says A LOT. I remember that Gaby and Mia were able to communicate this much by the time they were 23-24 months old, but Mimi is even putting 2-words sentences together. She says everything that she wants us to know, even pee and poo.

We are planning to start taking her to the bathroom because lately she has been saying "pee or poo", and holding her diaper JUST before she does it. It sounds insane to me, but it now crossed to my mind that I may be out of diapers FOR GOOD in just a few months. Im sure 2009 will be a year of BIG things in our house, because whether I like it or not, there wont be more babies around here!

Mimi turning 18 months old sounds like the end of an ERA. Tears fill my eyes, because sooner or later, my girls will be older and I just hope that they need me as much as I need my mom everyday in my life. I hope they need each other as much, and that they can grow a great relationship.

There were several people (including two OB) that told me that I needed to terminate Mimi's pregnancy, because she had no chances to live, and because I was going to put in danger my own life. I thank God so much because I was stronger than those people. I just look at Mimi's face, and I cant imagine my life without her. God knew that we were not going to look for her at the moment that I got pregnant with her, but he knew we were going to be able to manage somehow and Im so grateful for that.

Mimi's co-godmother Vanessa called me early this week because she wanted to take Mimi to a field day in a church. She took her for a couple of hours and Im very happy for both of them, because they got to bond. Here is a picture of them just when I was getting Mimi in her car. Mimi was ready to leave, but was not in the mood for pictures, hence her face:
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3 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

Awwwww we love Mimi too !!!! we are soo happy you decided too keep her!!!! and such a smart little girl!!! Dont woory hun Im sure your girls will always be your babies even when they grow up !

Heather said...

Happy 18 month bday baby girl!

vani said...

aaaaaaaaaa my babyyyyyyyy =D!! im taking her next sundayy too! =D its christmas and i wanna taker to acropolis hihi, yo pense que ella no hablaba pero en el carro ella gritaba " caca!! caca!!" bellaaaaaaa =D yayyyy


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