Today I went in for Tympanometry and Audiology (there was a third exam that I really cant remember the name).

The tympanometry test measures the ear's responses to the sound and different pressures. A device is placed into the ear. This device changes the air pressure in the ear and makes the eardrum move back and forth. He told me I was going to feel like if I had a very bad cold and it's true... That is exactly how I felt. It was not painful, but it wasnt a fun experience in my hurt ear.

Then, the audiology was a bit more of fun (NOT). He actually lock me in a booth, exactly like the one in the picture and put me some headphones (similar to the ones pictured). The last two test (the audiology and the other one that I cant remember the name) were performed in the booth. In one of the tests, I was suppose to be hearing a rain noise in the good ear (the right) and beeping noises in the bad ear (the left) and was suppose to hit a button every time I was hearing the noises. We discovered with this test that I could actually hear the beeps BUT in the other ear!!!!!!!!!! He said that is it normal my kind of trauma.

My ENT asked me to walk in when I had the results done, so even though I had to spend six hours in the hospital I got to get the test done and see her in the same day. Diagnosis: Unilateral Conductive Hearing Loss. There are six degrees of hearing loss: Slight, Mild, Moderate, Moderately Severe, Severe and Profound. Mine is right in between Slight and Moderate (the exact middle point).

As we learned from the graphic my previous post about this (yes, I hope you guys paid attention and learned), the ear has three parts: The outer, the middle and the inner ear. When Conductive Hearing Loss occurs it makes the transmission of sound through the middle and/or outer ear to be interrupted. The auditory nerve still functions normally; the sound is just unable to reach the inner ear.

I have to continue the medication until Sunday, and then have to go on Monday for to get a shot in there... I will find out more about this. Then, I will have to retest a week later (which will be December 1st) to see if my hearing improved. If it doesnt improve she will tell me what to do. They both think (the ENT and the audiologist) that I will outgrow this, and that surgery wont be needed.

(Everything in italic is a quote from the links provided on this post).
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