I cant believe it took us that long but we finally went "eyeglasses" shopping with Gaby. We put the money together 3 times and had to use it for something else (the last thing being the almost 300 bucks that I have spend in my ear drama). We all went to buy the eyeglasses (including my mom), and Mimi and Mia had lots of fun!
I truly think that everything happens for a reason, though. After 2 hours of thinking what eyeglasses to buy for Gaby, we all decided to go ahead with a model that just got there a few days before. This means that we would have gotten a different (and probably less cute) eyeglasses if we had gotten them a couple of weeks ago.

I think the eyeglasses are just perfect for her... They are from the brand Hush Puppies. Most of the others had paws all over, but this one actually have FLOWERS... Yes, it even has three little flowers together.... It did had a paw on the crystal, but we explained Gaby that her the ones that she will use wont have that paw in there. She was happy either way, specially since the glasses are pink AND purple: her two favorite colors. There was another one with lighter colors, and my mom (who was with us) and hubby was rooting for, but Gaby really wanted this one, so we decided to let her choose, as they also look gorgeous on her.
We have to pick them up Tuesday or Wednesday, and I promise to take pictures and post them!
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Cindy said...

Those are super cute! They did not make cool glasses like that when I was a kid -- mine were UGLY.

Anonymous said...

They are adorable i love them ! She will look beautiful!

Heather said...

I cant wait to see her in them, they look so cute!

Heather said...

ps- when i read this i thought it said, new baby in the making, lol!

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

Oh, I am totally lost in your world! I used to be able to keep up. I need some major reading time. And, you know- now I feel like I have a fuddy duddy blog! Gee, thanks! Rockin' up the blogspot down there in the warm weather and I'm stuck up in Arkansas with the cruddy dud weather and non-creative blog! Thanks. I feel great. Oh, Lordy somebody be needed some sleeeeeep. Meeee that is!!!!!!! Ignore that up there. I'm talkin' out my head now.

I can't wait to get caught up on you guys. I think your blog looks amazing and I am super jealous! I have the software to do it, lacking the time. Maybe if you just moved in next door.... :)


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