The girls had their first evaluation report for this school year. The had an adaptation report that the school issues after a few weeks that the school starts so the parents can know how adapted s the child to the new school year, but this is the first evaluation per se.

I didnt go because Im still on bedrest, and honestly I was not disappointed for not being able to go. With all the things that has happened with Gaby, I feel like I already had enough of the dose of "complaining about your daughter" that I can take for a bit, so I think I needed a break. Dont get me wrong, I still want to know how she is doing at school, but it is just so difficult to understand how she is behavnig so "bad" in school when in the house she is behaving better and better at the house, and stays most of the time in green. She hardly ever goes to yellow, and much less to red.

On a positive note the teacher wrote in the comments that Gaby has the best communication skills among ALL the students, which makes me very proud. She is talking in full sentences in English, and is able to maintain long conversations totally in English. I cant wait for my friend Cara to come back so they can have a loooong conversation!

Mia had an awesome evaluation as she meets with mostly all the things that are expected for her age. They also cant stop saying how much they love her and Im very happy for that. She is so easy to love because she is fun and unpredictable, and you just never know what would be her next thing. I know it is not easy to punish her as she will try to get the fun out of time out and crack you up!

I also had a VERY long talk to her pediatrician, and she is not worried AT ALL about Gaby. She says that she will referred me to have all the tests done, but that she is sure that everything is going to come back negative as she has spend a lot of time with Gaby and that she will have noticed earlier. I have to call her back tomorrow morning to her cell to make sure she was able to get me the pediatric neurologist to see us for thing next week.
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Anonymous said...

Im glad the girls are good but that is wierd how Gaby is so good at home but they she is not at school ...I dont know hun ....maybe its them ...not her!

Heather said...

Yeah for good reports!


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