We decided to have our very own costume party!! As I mentioned the other day, our theme was Pirates & Fairies. As we are six (including Sassy) we were three pirates and three fairies!! Hubby and I only got a wig for each one, but that was enough for the girls to feel like we were all very dressed up.

We took one of the couch outside and took some pictures... The girls had fun, even when Sassy was trying to bite their costumes!!!! Friday (after Gaby's situation at school), the girls ended up at my mom house and we forgot the pirate pants over there... So, today Gaby was wearing jeans. Gaby was also wearing jeans, so she was Ok with that...

It was also a GREAT day, and we are very happy to have been able to take pictures of it:

Pirate Elizabeth Swann:

Fairies Isabele & Nicole:
Fairy Saz:
Fairy Saz trying to "eat" Fairy Isabele's tutu:
Pirate Elizabeth Swann, Pirate Jack Sparrow & Fairy Saz:
Fairy Isabele with a "very-Amelia" expression:
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8 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

You guys are the cutest pirate/fairy family ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Hey I have your things, but my stupid internet wasn't working. Jorge will fix it today so I'll send them tonight. Laura.-

Adrians Mama said...

I love the priate and fairy costume! Those are great!!!! The girls are gorgeous as always, what a great family party!! Of course the dog is cute too! Hehe

Heather said...

Wow those are great costume and one even for the dog. Your too much, lol!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: Thanks!! :)

Laly: Thanks for the compliment and the "thing"! :)

Meaghan: Welcome back... and thanks!

Heather: Cant beat a $2 bucks costume!!! LOL

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

How cute! I love that you stuck with a theme! I love the dog and Amelia picture! How sweet. We saw a farm themed family out this year that was cute to.

Oh, I tagged you :)

La Guera Liz said...

I love the pics!! :) You guys look awesome!!

Kari-Anne said...

Love the pics :o) sorry I have not been reading lately - seems like there is not enough hours in the day for blogging - all I do is my business and the 5 kids :o)


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