Today was the day Gaby started First Grade.... What a huge milestone!!

She was really happy to get ready for school, and was happy to get there... How thrilled she was when she saw her teachers that she already knows and love.. Her main teacher was the one we went on vacations with (remember?) and the teacher's aide was one of the ladies that we went to the beach one day (remember? If you click to see her she is the one that is playing with Gaby in the sand almost all the way down). She was also very happy to her friends from last year. When I picked her up she was telling me all about her old friends and new friends, and what she did during the day.. It was early dismissal at 12, but tomorrow they start full force.

Today I started the first day of the Purple Lunchbox and it went great... Of course, I will post more of that on Friday.

I was told it was a very uneventful day, and I honestly hopes it stays that way... Gaby will be rewarded for good behavior and extra good behavior... She also will be rewarded for taking care of her scrunchies (last year I had to use a new one EACH day, cause they will get lost everyday... LOL)... So, I hope for this year to be able to actually REUSE them!

Im honestly amazed on how big she looks on the photo... There is something about the lenght of her hair and the fact that she is using a size 8 shirt (she would have fit in a 6, but the smallest is size 8), that makes her look older... She also is not allowed to use bermudas or shots like in preschool, so the long pants may contribute to her looking older (and of course, the actual fact that she IS bigger)...
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Julie said...

How adorable! She looks super excited.


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