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As Gaby doesnt actully eat breaskfast, I was trying to come up with something with more calories for her morning milk... So, this week I have been giving her chocolate milk with oatmeal.. This weekend I have to go again food shopping, and I will start making her different kinds of smoothies... Fruity smoothies that is. I will also try to wake her up at least 20 minutes earlier (even if that means putting her bedtime earlier) so she can eat something.. She is up everyday by 6:10am, because hubby and her needs to be out of the door by 6:40am at the lastest (and yes, if you are wondering, I actually bather her at that time.. Believe it or not it is already HOT at that time). So, I will try to move her bedtime to 7:40pm... We'll see how that works...

Anyway, here is what I came up with week... I will try to add more variety next week...

Tuesday Lunchbox
- 4 ham with olives rolled up
- 1 Mozarella and cheddar stick
- 1 heart and 1 Flower of Mozarella cheese (that was done with the knife.. Gotta buy some cookie cutters
- 10 baby carrots
- Strawberry with skim cheese dipping
- A banana
Results: She ate everything except for 5 or so carrots..

Wednesday Lunchbox:
- Grissini bread
- Ham and cheese sauce
- 10 grapes
- 10 baby corns
- 1 laughing cow triangle
Results: I got an empty lunchbox when she got home!

Thursday Lunchbox:
- 2 spinach wraps with cheese and butter (you cant see the second one as it is under the other)
- 10 baby carrots
- Cheese dipping
- A few dried prunes
- Apple wedges (as much as it fit in the little container.. It was almost a whole one)
Results: Baby carrots came back home.... She also told me that she share the prunes with a friend.

Friday Lunchbox:
- 2 spinach wrappers with light butter, cheese and ham with olives (again, you cant see the second one as it is under the other.. She actually begged for that this morning)
- 10 baby corn
- Strawberry with skim cheese dipping
- 2 Mozarella and cheddar stick (each one cut in half)
Results: She ate mostly everything... Then she got home to ask for ANOTHER wrap!

I think it was a great week overall. I also plan to do some baking this weekend.. We will sew how that goes.

So, were you able to take photos during the week?? Do you mind sharing them with us?? So, just make a post about it today (dont forget to add our buttom with your post)... And of course, if you forgot to take photos, a description of what you sent is welcome to! Dont forget that you can participate even if your kids are home and dont go to school. Looking forward to read your comments (cause you were not thinking about posting the link and not posting a comment, right? wink wink)

To add the button to your post just copy and paste this code.. It will add it in the left, but you can change it to the right or center if you please, of course.

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10 Lovely comments :

Rose said...

Posted my link!
Those brunches look great. Your daughter is very lucky! I especially am impressed with the mozzarella shapes. Did you read the Mothering Magazine article on Bento boxes this month? It had some similar ideas. Thanks for hosting this!

Denise said...

Thanks for hosting this. I really need to think more about what my littlest kids eat for lunch. Your brunches look GREAT!! My older kids now want me to make something like that for their snack time at school.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Rose: Thanks.. LOL on the mozarella shapes.. They look cuter in the photo as they were done with a knife... And no, I didnt read that article... Would love to... Too bad it was from last month.. Maybe I can google it...

Denise: How fun that your older kids now want it... That is awesome!!!

Will jump to your blogs now...

Organized Nutrition said...

Loved your photos! My kids start school in 2 weeks! I will start sharing then! I CAN"T WAIT!!! They will take cold almost every day, as lunch is $2.10 and I have 3 in school!!!! Just sending milk for milk break will save us $150 a year!!!!!!!! (that is after I BUY milk for them!!!!)

cul-ture-queen said...

Are the foods at room temp? Do you warm some of the stuff up before she leaves? Or are most of the items okay to eat cold? I really need to start this with Laila.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Kenai: Take photos of their lunch at home while they start school!! That would FORCE you to make them FUN at home!

Nicole: Everything I have done is at room temperature.. The only two things that I have actually boiled are the baby carrots and the baby corns... What I do is that I pack the lunch with a freeze juice so it doesnt waste by the time she eats them... Honestly, the leftover carrots have been good to eat even when she gets home (and it is mighty hot here)...

Stacey Ho said...

This is so cute and though I don't send lunch for Lauryn I might have to find some time to take some pictures of some of the things we do on the weekends or for breakfast. My mom just made us some nylon reusable snack bags that I'm excited to try out instead of plastic boxes or wasteful zip bags. I also saw this article today and thought of you... check it out!

Some good ideas!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thank you very much!! Those ideas are great!! :)

And I would love to see what you make for her for breakfast and weekends lunchs!! Start taking photos right away so you can participate on Friday! :)

Stacey Ho said...

Ok, I can't stop... this site also has some great ideas (including directions on making reusable snack bags, fruit strips, and other cool stuff) but this one I love - fruit messages for the lunch box:

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

OMG!! That is sooo cute.. I saw in a few places people living notes, but those are the cutest I've seen... I will make some and print them... That will do wonders for her as she is learning to read now!! :) THANKS!!!


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