Yes, Im aware is Monday... But better late than ever. Beth at Happily Domestic is having a weekly meme about cloth diapers. I get cloth diapering questions all the time from my family and friends, so even though Im not a expert this could probably enlight somebody out there.

This week's question is WHY CLOTH? And I decided to go ahead and write a TOP 10 of why I prefer cloth diapering versus disposables:
1 - Because it makes my family to save money
2 - Because there are no piles of dirty diapers to throw out, with a terrible smell (a cute wetbag solves that... and when have you seen a disposable diaper thrown in a fancy wetbag like this one?)
3 - Because my daughter's bum stays chemicals free (free of sodium polyacrylate, dioxin, and tributyl-tin to be exact.. I so dont want to see those nasty crystals and gel in my daugther's bum).
4 - Because Im not throwing away my money (which is what you do with disposables every 4 hours)
5 - Because it is better for the enviroment (disposables take from 250 to 500 YEARS to decompose.. OUCH!)
6 - You can help somebody after you are done, either selling them at a very low price, or just giving them away and making somebody's day.
7 - Because they are SOO EASY to use
8 - Because you will never leave the baby a little bit more on the diaper because you just put the diaper a few minutes ago... It hurts to throw a disposable away, but it doesnt hurt to reach another cloth diaper.
9 - Because baby likes better to feel something made of cloth than something made of paper... That is not rocket science... Even gives more cushion when they baby falls.. The only way to get that cushion with diapers is having it FULL of pee.
10 - Because they are TOO CUTE to resist!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anelys Perez On 9:26 AM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

HappilyDomestic said...

Glad you got your "FTT" post in, even if it was late. :-) Love the creative you are to think of that! :-)
Cute picture of your daughter too!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks girl!! Im happy to participate! :)

Samy said...

I like that idea if I have another baby I may try cloth diapers.


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