As I have been posting a lot about Mia's health, I have hardly had time to post about a few things that Gaby has been up to. Gaby celebrated the 100th day of school with a family project. She did a purple flower with 100 pon-pons. Here is how all the projects look together:

And here is a close up of Gaby's project:

Also, Gaby got to attend to a birthday party while Mia was hospitalized. ALL of the kids from her class has celebrated their birthdays in school, and this was the first one of the whole school year. Hubby and I decided that it was not fair for her to miss it even if Camila was hospitalized. She had a lot of fun, and didnt complain when it was time to leave as she knew Camila was waiting for her at the hospital:

This month is the Independence Month and also the Carnival month. The Carnival decorations of the school were up by Friday, and Gaby got to have a photo with one of the "Diablos cojuelos".

Today we went to visit Luis Enrique... As they have been sick I have been keeping them away from him, but today they got to see him and they were thrilled:

Gaby even got to hold him:

Hubby also got to hold him and had some "boy" cuddling time... It was soo cute... Then ALL the girls got on top of him and it was hillarious:

After that we went to visit my dad who FINALLY moved to the same town we live!! We are very happy about this as now the girls are going to be able to spend more time with my dad and his wife. They now live 5 minutes away from my mom.
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Mama2Hailey said...

Hey, I'm glad to hear all your girls are doing better. I know that must of been hard on you. :) Also, I changed my blog address, so u might need to update it on your blog..I'm giving my blog a mini makeover..

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks for letting me know... Funny thing is that I see myself as one of your followers already... Did you only changed the address and kept the same blog???

Heather said...

Oh i love her party outfit, too cute! I also love the carnival celebration. Wish I had something to show my kids carnival. I swear I need to live in a latin country, lol!

Amanda said...

Awwww...the dress Gaby was wearing at the party was SO cute!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Heather and Amanda: I love that outfit too... She wore it on New Year's Day and she was begging me to use it again...

Heather: Im not a big carnival person, but you will read about it on this weekend as the carnaval is officially on Friday.

My3Ro's said...

Gaby is growing into such a beautiful young ladie. It seems like just yesterday I was looking at her baby pictures and she was just becoming a big sister. She is gorgeous and we share a favorite color. I love her like my own neice.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Sus: It is amazing how we know each other since Gaby and Roana were only childs... How cool is that...


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