It is update time. We havent accomplished all we have wanted this week as Camila havent cooperate with the poopy test, but hopefully it will work this weekend.

Amelia - The Pink Bud
1 - CAT Scan to check for Sinusitis - Diagnosis: She has Maxilary AND Frontal sinusitis. The tech was nice enough to explain me directly in the computer where was all the sinusitis. When we talked to the ped she told us that this is normal as she cant blow her nose. She told me that it can be treated at home and prescribed her a treatment.
2 - Check up with an Eye Doctor
3 - Check up with a pediatric Dermatologist

Camila - The Red Bud
1 - X-Ray to check for Sinusitis and Adenoids - Diagnosis: Everything looks normal.
2 - Buy Humidifier or Vaporizer to sleep (still need to find out which option is better for her)
3 - Ultrasound to check if she has any enlarged organ to produce the abdominal distention - Diagnosis: Everything looks normal.
4 - Test for tolerance to Lactose, Gluten and Soy (Those are 6 tests, 4 of those are RAST to milk proteins, and the other two are RAST to Soy, and RAST to Gluten).
5 - Disaccharides Test and Digestion Test... Both done with stools
6 - Check up with the Eye Doctor
7 - Blood work to check on the platelets level

Gabriela - The Purple Bud
1 - X-Ray to check for Sinusitis and Adenoids - Diagnosis: No enlarged adenoids!! This was actually shocking as this was the X-Ray to make the decision for the removal surgery. I havent talked to her ped about this, but I will ask her if she thinks she needs to repeat them ro make sure.
2 - Check up with the new ENT doctor
3 - Check up with a new orthopedist for a second opinion and tell him that she sometimes complains of leg pain.
4 - Follow up with her eye doctor
5 - Call the new psicologist to find out about group therapies.
6 - Resume with the tests prescribed by the neurologist. EEG, Head MRI, plus some blood work with several tests.
7 - Vaginal culture exam

More tests to go... I will continue to update the blog about this.

UPDATED: Just to do a new format of the post striking the ones that are done, and showing the ones that are still missing.
Posted by Anelys Perez On 10:25 PM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

My3Ro's said...

Your flowers are growing wonderfully. Good for you making sure they are the strongest and healthiest they can be. I am so glad all the test are coming back healthy.

Anonymous said...

wonderful news mama!!!!!!! Im so happy to read this!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks girls!!

I will be praying hard for Mimi to respond to the treatment, though... Gaby had the same treatment 5 TIMES and it never worked on her... I how Mimi does responds to it!!!


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