If you happen to stop by my blog tonight, and believe in God, please say a prayer for Camila.

She has a 6 inches (or so) hematoma on the top of her leg in the same side where they inyected the medicine last Sunday... She also has a 1.5 inches (or so) hematoma in one of the hands where they first tried to inyect the medicine....

We called the ped and she told us to run to the ER. Mimi is already sleeping, plus Gaby is very sick too (she was in the ER this morning too as she was having an asthma attack..) so they cant go out this late, so one of us had to stay with them at home... I dont feel confident enough to drive at night because it is too dark, so hubby had to take her....


UPDATE #1: I just talked to hubby. The ER doctor doesnt like the hematoma on the leg, and they are going to perfom X-Rays to find out if there is internal bleeding or something like it. I hate being at home... I regret it... Im going to work on a few designs that I have pending to try to think about something else.....

UPDATE #2: X-Rays done, and she has nothing. They are on their way home already and the doctor told hubby that if another hematoma shows up we need to take her to the lab to have a TP TPT test (whatever that is)... Im googling trying to find out WHAT is that!

UPDATE #3: Hubby got here already. The X-Rays DOES shows that she has an inflamation... When hubby said nothing, he meant no internal bleeding. We need to keep an eye on her. I just hope it is nothing serious. I will call the ped again tomorrow to give her the ER details to see what she thinks.
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11 Lovely comments :

Cazza said...

Oh hun :-(
You poor things having all of this happen at once and not being able to go as a family to the ER.
Putting positive thoughts out there for you all
Love Cara

Serena said...

Pobrecita!!! God Willing, the inflammation will go down and she'll be okay.

Hang in there mama! As moms, we always worry for our kids but I think when our kids are sick it's much harder on us than them - because we have the stress/concern and so much love for them that we feel just as bad if not worse!

Anonymous said...

ay ay ay hun Im praying hard for her!!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Oh man, I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Get some rest and think healing thoughts. Sending the girls some strength (and mommy and daddy some rest).

The Solis Family said...

Poor baby girl:(
She will be in my prayers.
Thank God that they did not find anything bad.

Breanna said...

Im praying for her :) i hope everything turns out okay.

p.s. i have something for you :)

Stacey Ho said...

I'm sure it is hard with all of them so sick - I hope today brings better news and healing for your family!

Heather said...

Scary! Hang in there! She's in our thoughts and prayers!

Kami said...

Anelys I was looking in my MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY Book from school and couldn't find Tp or TPT test in it, did you find out what that was yet?

Monica said...

It's probably supposed to be PT & PTT both of which are clotting times.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Cara: Thanks hun!!

Serena: It now looks like all was part of the same process that she was going through.

Erica: Thanks girl!

Kelly: We are on the right path now!!!

Breanna: Thanks for the award!!

Stacey: Yes, it is hard.. But I just things are looking a little bit better now.

H: Thanks mama!

Kami and Monica: I think Monica is right... The ones that I wrote were the initials in Spanish, so it looks like in English they have a different order.


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