Mia had a Car Wash Day at preschool last Friday... The school's secretary promised to send me pictures, and after some harrasing this weekend(thank God for Facebook) she emailed them today!!! I bet she was very happy how clean her car ended up!

Some people wonder if Im crazy having my 2 year old in a preschool, but honestly I wont have it any other way... When I see pictures like this, I honestly dont get jelaous because I missed it, what I feel is joy because my girl get to have freedom to explore and share moments with kids her own age, and learning to be independent from her family. At the same time, Im close enough to be there in 2 minutes if they need me, and I get a full report everyday of what she did and what not (each kid has a journal that has to be signed and returned every day by the parents).

It is also amazing how she behaves diferently at school than from home.... At home she is my little rascal!! She REALLY keeps us on our toes!!! I cant even tell you how many times she gets in trouble in just one given hour... But, at school, she listens, follows instructions and shows her sweet and loving side...

That day after Gaby's incident I was reading Camila's agenda, and Gaby asked me how did Camila behave today and asked me to read it... It said that she ate all her lunch, how many times she went to the bathroom, and that she was happy the whole day... It also had a Mickey Mouse sticker... Gaby wanted me to read more and more, and we kept going back and back in the days... There were positive comments about her behavior every single day. Gaby asked: "And when did she misbehaved?" ... I answered: "Never, Gaby. She always behaves good at school and it is always very happy"... Gaby opened her mouth like REALLY WIDE... I cant believe I didnt had my camera handy... She was in shock, and the only thing she could say was: "But, WHY??"... She was soooo surprise... Then I calmly said: "Because she has no reason to misbehave. She knows she gets treats when she behaves good, and she loves getting stickers. She also knows that everybody is happy when she behaves".

Gaby didnt said anything else. I didnt said anything else. She was shut for a bit, and I know she was thinking. I didnt want to use the frase: "You need to behave like your sister" or anything for that matter, and I think she got the point by herself. Im going to start a new reward system, but that is another post... For now, here are some of the pictures from Camila and her friends... I even made a watermark with the "photographer's" initials, as I cant use my own in a picture I didnt took:



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The Solis Family said...

How adorable!!! I bet she had a wonderful time!

Dawn said...


Heather said...

Not a bad idea. Might have to try that today, lol! My friends car need a wash anyways.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Rubby: She did... Thanks!

Dawn: Thanks!!!!!! =)

Heather: My girls love to do it at home with hubby too... I will check your blog to see if you got to do it!


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