Today was an AWESOME day!!!! As I mentioned before, my little bro is *pregnant*. First of all, I wanted to mention the name they choose. My little nephew's name wil be LUIS ENRIQUE. I think it is just gorgeous, especially because it means so much.. The mom is "Luisa" and the dad (my bro) is Raul Enrique... PLUS a huge percent of the men on the family are 'Enrique'
Anyway, they are going to have a Baby Shower this month, and last weekend I went to check in for their registry... I left with my hands empty as they had NOTHING that it was really important registered... So, of course, his sister (me) came to the rescue and we planned to go together today so I could help them select the things they need the most and the brands that I think will be better for them.
Sadly the mom is on bedrest, because the umbilical cord is around Luis Enrique's neck, and she is 34+ weeks. That meant that I was mostly the one selecting the colors and such things by myself and it was REALLY fun because I hardly get a chance to select things for a boy.
I will be giving them the carseat and base for the car, the bottle sterilizer (still alive after 5 years of non-stopped use... Gotta love Avent), a monitor (as I have two), a boppy, and I cant remember what else... They also have a playpen, and a tub from a friend, and they will be also getting a crib.... They already have tons of clothes too, so they need everything else!!! We registered for everything and I even made a list on Amazon of the things that I found cheaper online and that are ridiculously expensive here (mostly for the nursery... It is the one that we picked here... sooo cute).
I wish I could afford to buy him EVERYTHING he needs, but I will try to do my best to help him the best I can. I already ordered a replacement cover for the carseat... Cant wait to get it!!!
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Heather said...

Congrats and hope the baby is ok!


We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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