I got a call from the school today (AGAIN) about Gaby screaming. It is not any kind of screaming, Im talking about the screaming like if she was shot or like if somebody hit her with a baseball bat. That's with NO tears coming out of her eyes. She was screaming because I put her pasta for lunch (her favorite meal), and supposely she wanted rice... I mean, isnt it easier just to leave the food and not eat it... Why she has to scream?? Nobody was forcing her to eat or anything.

Some other days she screams because she doesnt want to get her eyeglasses on after gym class, or because she is not in the mood for the eyepatch. I have tried everything that I have think of to make her TALK instead of SCREAM, but it is not working. A person that doesnt know her would probably think that she cant express herself, but Gaby can have a conversation like a 7-8 year old kid. She comes with the most amazing conclusions, and knows how to negotiate when she *wants*.

She also has a MAJOR problem with following instructions... She sometimes finishes her work, but most of the time she doesnt. There is one day, like Thursday, when she will be in a great mood and she would finish everything perfectly and fast. But most of the times, she just refuses to work.

At first her major problem was that she was still missing the other school and that she was having a hard time with the adaptation process, but she now loves her school, and even today when I told her that if she continues that behavior we will have to take her out of the school, she promised (AGAIN) that she was going to behave.

Hubby and I have been seriously thinking about homeschooling her. I would be the one doing it, at least while we live here. There is a site called Time 4 Learning, with a curriculum for Math and LanguagePhotobucket Arts. I would still need to research more for other options, and even if I choose that one I would have to look for another one with Social Studies and Science. The other option is to switch her to a school with higher standards of discipline like a school run by nuns.

We have an appointment with the psychologist on Wednesday, and we would see what she thinks... In the meantime Im REALLY REALLY sad... I feel like Im doing something wrong cause I cant solve a *problem* that my daughter is having... I feel sad because I just cant figure it out... Im her mom and Im suppose to understand my daugthter but I just have no idea what else to do or where else to look for help.

And just because Im in love with her no matter how she behaves, here is a picture of her.
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Stacey Ho said...

Oh, that is just so heart breaking to read. I have not doubt from you posts that you all do everything you can. Every kid is different and whatever she is going through will only make her stronger if you can help her overcome it! Hang in there.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Things are getting better... Will see how it keeps going!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm finally catching up on reading other blogs. Oh, Anelys, I am so sorry you're having a hard time.

You're not alone. My ds is having issues in Kindergarten, too. He has horrible meltdowns. HORRIBLE. His teacher has been working with us and so has his ped. We've had to change his diet among other things. He's also bored senseless in K, so he's been tested for gifted. His IQ is near genius levels and so they are accounting a lot of his behavior and refusal to work on the boredom.

Beyond that, he has sensory issues that need to be dealt with. Ugh.

I wish I could hug you. I'm so glad that things are getting better. Stop by and let me know if you need to chat - I love how being miles and miles apart, people can still communicate easily! HUGS!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

((((HUGS))) to you!! Thanks for your words.. It doesnt solve a thing, but it truly helps to know Im not alone... honestly, it feels like she is the only kid that acts like that in the entire school.

I posted about it, and I have another post from today that is on draft... Things are just getting difficult by the minute...

I dont think Gaby is gifted but everybody keeps telling me how brilliant she is... I wonder how can I test her IQ...

Tonight I will catch up on blogs as I havent been able to read in over a week, and I will post a couple of comments on yours that I have been meaning to post....



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