My grandmother (my mom's mother) has been a very special person in my life. As my mom divorced my father, she raised us by herself and she used to work looooooooooong hours... There were times when we had nannies, but on the weekends and vacations, we used to spend a lot of time at my grandma's house.

My grandma has 23 grandkids from her 8 kids. She has two favorite grandkids, and everybody knew about it. Those 2 were the oldest son of her oldest, and the oldest son of her youngest. Those 2 grandkids each one had a sister and that made those girls to be the meanest girls in the world. Needless to say, my bro was one of her favorites, which made me the evil sister. She would blame me for everything that happened, because she would say that I dragged my poor brother to do it. After we were teenagers, and a little bit more mature about it, the conversations about it became open in family reunions and everybody (including me) used to have funny how my grandmother use to baby my brother and used to treat me as the evil sister.

However, I have never doubt of her love for me... It is just that it was a different type of love. I used to be the one that massage her for hours... Oh, I remember those days... It was sooo painful for my arms, but I gotta confesed that I loved it.... I know that I would never forget about that.

My grandmother is always "sick". She honestly doesnt suffer from ANY really illness, but she loves going to the doctor. Every time there is a family event, she is always "too sick" to go, and she always prefer to have visitors than going out of her house.... She hardly goes to baptism, birthday parties, or any kind of celebration. However she went to Mia and Gaby's baptism. Everybody was surprised, and I was VERY happy.

Anyway, why Im posting about this?? On Monday something unbelievable happened. My uncle (the same one that I have mentioned several times on my blog), calls me to make sure we are home... I told him yes, and he told me that he was on his way WITH my grandmother for a short visit!!!!! She absolutely NEVER EVER visits anyone. It was a 20 minutes visit, but it sure made my day, my month and my year. Im VERY happy!!! She insists that Im preggo, but I keep telling her that Im just TOO fat... She really wanted me to have a boy (she LOVES boys), but it wont happen!! You could tell how happy were the girls with the visit!

I will frame the picture and give it to her as a present! Maybe for Valentine's Day!
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Serena said...

What an AWESOME post! It's a shame when parents, grandparents, etc... play "favorites" but unfortunately it happens! What a WONDERFUL surprise for you... I bet it's just what you needed (especially considering the content of our previous emails).

The girls look SO very happy!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Serena: My grandmom used to think that women on today's world were weak, and didnt work as they used to do on her times... She used to tell all the stories about how at age 5 she already knew how to bake bread for the family business, and how she knew how to clean a whole house, etc etc etc... Because of that she had a weak side over her sons and grandsons...

She never said those were her favorites, but everybody knew... And also was very attentive and caring with all her other grandkids, but it was a little bit more for those 2 grandkids, and acted a bit different with the 2 "evil" sisters (it's funny just to think about it)....

Another thing was that the only grandkids that she used to take care of where my brother and I, mostly because my mom is the only out of her 8 kids that was divorced.

Anyway, my point it that in this case it is not shame, mostly it is VERY funny... The other evil sister and me love her to pieces!!!

Take my mom for example, she loves her 4 grandkids (my three daughters and my nephew), but we all say that she was a weak side with my middle girl... She refuses and loves all of them like there is no tomorrow, but during my third pregnancy my middle girl literally MOVED with my mom. At 14 weeks I was advised not to hold my middle girl because I had a super high risk pregnancy... I was in modified bed rest since then, and couldnt even do chores at home. Anyway, I used to spend a lot of time at my mom's house to spend time with my middle girl, but as I was not allowed to hold her, my mom was the one doing all the rocking and so on. Then, when I gave birth and I still spend a couple of months at my mom's because we were moving to our city to my mom's city (where we live now), and hubby was the one dealing with the traveling... So, in short, my mom saw my middle girl everyday for almost a year, so it is normal that she feels an extra conection with her... But dont tell her I said that.. LMAO!

Anyway, Im kinda rambling here... Thanks for stopping by!

Serena said...

I definitely understand what you mean!!! My mom has an incredible connection with my second daughter... there's a long explanation why - but while she loves my girls equally she is most connected to the youngest.

I have to agree with your grandmother, to a degree, "women" aren't like they used to be... I know many women are very liberal (women's lib) - but honestly how we had it back in the day wasn't all that bad. If anything, it's worse now, because women are now expected to work outside of the home, in addition to maintaining the home, raising the kids, etc.. etc... My friends who were raised in other countries oftentimes talk about doing lots of things from a very young age - and they don't hate the fact they had to do stuff because they didn't know any better.

We tend to want to let kids be kids but teaching them responsibilities and contributing are equally, if not more important than just having fun!

So, I can see why your grandmother felt/feels the way she does!

Audreee said...

First of all, Happy belated Birthday! Your girls look soo happy to see great-grandma. I'm glad that they got to visit. Are you pregnant? Even if you were, you know it would be another girl.

Justi said...

That is awesome! Great pic!!

Heather said...

Fantastic! That just brings joy to my day for you all!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Serena: good point.

Audree: thanks and Naaaaaaaaahhh... not preggo here!! I had my tubal already!!!

Justi: Thanks!!!

Heather: I knew you were going to love that picture!!!


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