Mimi is really sick (AGAIN) and the ped prescribed her antibiotics. She has some weird lumps on her neck too, so we both agree that she needed to see her again (that was Tuesday). Today we had to take her again, as she refused to drink her medicines and was actually spitting up everything, so she now needs to go for three days in a row to get it injected.

I didnt got to post on Tuesday that as her 18 months old check up was past due, the ped also weight her and meassure her to see if there is really a need for an endocrinologist to check her up.

Anyway, despite the tonsilitis (the second one in less than one month), Im thrilled to announce than Mimi gain weight and grew!!! And it was not just any weight gain, it was A LOT!!!! Since Mimi was 8 months old and until her last check up at 16 months old, she was between 18 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 pounds even. Now she weights 23 POUNDS even!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even believe it. And she went from 29.5 inches to 30.75 inches tall. That means 23th percentile for weight and 13th percentile for height. I know that is still bellow averages, but at least now she is growing and putting some weight!!!!!! The only thing I can think of is the milk. She is finally taking whole milk (they use Nido Kinder)instead of Soy Milk.

Here is a picture of her... I confess, it was from over a week ago, but I couldnt just post about Mimi and not post a picture of her, right?

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7 Lovely comments :

The Garske's said...

That is a big weight gain! That is great! Madisynn has barely gained anything in a year. She was 20lbs then and just over 25 now! Hope she feels better soon!

Heather said...

Wow 18 months! For what ever reason that just hit me. I cant believe your baby is 18 months. Yeah for gaining weight!

Fer said...

Oh sorry to read that Mimi is sick too. Juan Pablo is also sick :( I hope they both get better soon!

AND WTG on the weight gain!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Felicidades to Mimi!!!!!! May i need to give Nido Kinder to Fifi too!!!!

My3Ro's said...

Congrats on the weight gain. You are doing a great job mama.

Nicole said...

Keep on growing Mimi, so you can keep up with your two big sisters.

She is adorable as always, Get well soon.

Audreee said...

Get better, sweet Mimi. Such a pretty girl should feel good!


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