.... was the name of the Backyardigans show that Gaby and I saw today at the national theatre... It was just awesome!!!! That episode was the first episode of the first season which is why I have never seen it (we started watching Backyardigans probably six months after that).

Anyway, I found the TV episode online in Megavideo... You can watch it clicking here.... And it is just awesome how they adapt it to a theatre version and how they made all the kids participate... Over a thousand kids were there (happily seated... thanks God) and you could hear them all answering the questions and participating... It was just awesome!!!

Gaby had lots of fun... Photos were not allowed, but I recorded some parts of the show. Here are some photos that I found on the local newspapers sites of the actual show....

Here is another shot during the show, also from a Newspaper... You can see "Uniqua" with the important message on hand, talking to Tyrone.

And here is Gaby during the 10 minutes break they gave.

After the show, some of the sponsors had their mascots there, and even though Gaby was really excited to see the tiger from Cheetos, she didnt want to take a picture with him... He actually had to came to look for her, and he even tried to make her look at the camera, but she didnt want to...
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La Guera Liz said...

That looks like so much fun!! My girls would have loved to see that; we are huge Backyardigans fans!

Heather said...

Yeah!!! Very jealous, Thais has seen that episode 1,000 times, lol! Glad you had a mommy and me date!

Yira said...

You and the girls got to see the Backyardigans Live?!!!!! Isaiah would say "that's cool". I need to check if they'll be coming NYC he would LOVE it. Glad you had fun with Gaby.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I cant believe I was so behind answering the commments....

Anyway, a couple of weeks later and all the girls talk about is BACKYARDIGANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or "YANDIGANS" as Mia and Mimi says!


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