Just for fun, I decided to check on the Sitemeter stats for 2008 as I hardly do it. According to Sitemeter, I received a bit over 10,000 visitors in 2008. May 2008 was the month with the most visitors (1238 visits).

It also says that 62% of my visitors are from USA, 20% from DR, 7% from Other countries, 4% from Netherlands Antilles, 3% from Australia, 2% from Canada, 1% from Mexico, and another 1% from India.

I also checked on Google Analytics… Sadly, I forgot to add it when I did my blog makeover, so this statistics are from January 2008 to August 2008. This shows that I also received visitors from United Kingdom, Haiti, Norway and Singapore (I guess those are the Other countries from Sitemeter). It says that my visits were from 72 Countries or Territories, or 1395 cities.
Here are some of the keywords that led people to my blog:

- 3 little flowers blog, 3 little flowers, mom to three little flowers, (Ok.. those people where actually looking for me and forgot my link.. LOL… Also people that actually wrote my name)
- Then all the kind of things with flowers: Flowers paypal, birthday flowers, Camila Flower, Flowers for dummies, Flowers for sisters, Flowers for Pre-K, sick flowers, etc etc etc)
- Flip Flop Theme
- Pre-K Evaluation (several variations of this one)
- Birthday Invitation in Spanish
- Flowers for Baptism
- Party Outfit
- Teaching English as First Language
- 130/90 at 33 weeks (also 140/100 bp worry, 140/110 while pregnant)
- Alivit SueƱos
- Cold in the Caribbean
- Enlarged Adenoids
- Fingerpainting ages
- Psicomotricity
- Kakie Creations (watch out Cari and Kelley)
- Detroit Ignition (watch out Heather)
- Having all girls and husband (also raising all girls and daddy)
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