We started the day stopping by the house of the mom of my soon-to-be-born nephew. I wanted to make a list of all the things she has, and all the things that she is missing. My dad's wife went with me also. My nephew will be born on Wednesday as the umbilical cord is still around his neck and he is not liking it... There will be only 37 weeks and 2 days, but we are praying that everything will be just fine. Anyway, there are TONS of things that needs to be done, and Im honestly a bit worried. Clothes needs to be washed, the room needs to be painted, the crib needs to be picked up, and there are TONS of very important things that needs to be bought. My lil bro - Raul - promised to paint tomorrow, and my other bro - Manuel - promised to pick up the crib.

They have no changing table or even drawers to put the baby's clothes, and even though I know the changing table is not a priority, the drawers are. So, after we left, we were on our way to my mom's house and we saw a garage sale.... Garages sales are not common around here, and this is not actually a garage sale anymore, it is mostly like a garage store. The owner of that house once made a garage sale, and now people from all over the city stops by her house and leave items for her to sale. So, we saw this GORGEOUS changing table with 4 drawers and a space to hang clothes. We asked for the price and we didnt even asked two times and took it with us (we actually had to call my other lil bro to pick it up on her way to pick up the crib). It was still pricey, but WAY cheaper than anything that they were going to find in the stores.

Our shopping day was over, as the money that we planned to spend on all the little things, was spent on the changing table, but we (my dad's wife and I) are going to get together on Monday to pick up those other things that are missing.

So, we then we stopped by my mom's house. We agreed with Gaby's teacher that Gaby was going to have one sticker on her agenda at the end of the day when she follows instructions and behave. Out of 4 school days this week, she got the sticker 3 times, so she got a treat. She loves going over her grandma and LOVES more to sleep over. So, we took her and she slept over. She was thrilled!

After that we decided to pick up something to eat as it was mad late and the Mia and Mimi were not going to handle to wait for us to cook at home. Here are some pictures of my goofy girls while waiting for the food:


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Serena said...

Glad you were able to find a suitable changing table with drawers - at least now your baby nephew will have his "own" space. I wish my sister was as awesome as you - ok, so I love my sister and she's great - but you're so much more considerate of others!

Kari-Anne said...

That is so nice of you and that is great that you found a dresser for him :o) he is lucky to have a auntie like you .

Heather said...

Nice find, but dont worry so much. As you know with us, we never had any baby furniture but a pak n play and we did just fine. People and babies adapt. Its great to help but dont stress if it doesnt get done, things will be fine.
Hope everything goes well for his birth.


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Serena: Awww... thanks for your words.... I dont have a sister, and I always wished to have one!!!

KA: Thanks... Im VERY lucky to have a nephew like him... Cant wait to spend more time with him...

Heather: I bet the Pack and Play had a changing station...Hers doesnt have one so she would have to bend her back every time to change him with a c/s... Not a fun picture... Plus, you were not 20 when you had Thais (remember that).

When I had Gaby I was 22, and way more mature... I really have no idea how I would have handle changing her without my changing table... Now, I can change Mimi even in the darkness and even with her on my shoulders or in the car.. Anywhere, but for a first time mom, with a c/s and a 5 pounder, that is NOT an easy task.


We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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