I have been thinking about posting about this since forever ago, but always forgot about it... I think it is pretty cute, and I want my daughters to remember it when they are older and read this blog in their printed books.

Hubby is a frustrated Architect... I say frustrated because he really never plan about being an architect but he is really good at planning and designing and drawing stuff to build or put together. So, every time the girls come home with a family project to school, the first one to jump out of excitement is him. I honestly think he enjoys each one of those projects more than the girls themselves...

Normally, Im the one looking where to buy the materials, and just help out here and there... I also buy 85% of the girls stuff online, which means that they see me searching around the web for stuff for them... They see me looking for clothes, toys, books, you name it...

It is really funny how everytime Gaby gets asked in school: Who help you out with the project?, her answer will always be DADDY... It doesnt matter if for that project he was sick, and I did it with her... She will ALWAYS say DADDY!!!! Even if you ask Mia: Who did that? She will say DADDY!!

However, if you ask any of them: "Who got you those shoes?" Or "Who got you that toy?", their answer will always be MOMMY!!! It doesnt matter if they went by themselves to the store with their daddy, and got it over there... If you ask them a few days later, they will answer MOMMY BOUGHT IT!!!!

So, in short: Dad is the Homework Maker and Mom is the Shopper!!
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Anonymous said...

that is so funny!!!


We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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