I have been dying to post about this here or on Facebook, but there was no way to do it without hubby reading about it... Now, it is OVER, so I can share it with you all.... I was thinking about doing something for hubby for his birthday but wasnt sure how I was going to pull it off. On Monday, I got a call from one of hubby's co-workers to ask me about it. I explained her that the only thing planned so far was a weekend at a resort, which was also a surprise for him (will blog about it in the next post), but that I wasnt sure what else to do...

She told me that several people from the school were talking about doing a surprise party for hubby. She wanted to do it on Saturday, but as we were going away, I told her that it was Ok with me to do it for Friday night. They pull out a list of things to buy, and all the people that wanted to go got something to bring... Everybody was planning happily and hubby didnt know ANYTHING...

One day he came home telling me that he saw a couple of his coworkers talking misteriously and he got the impression that they were putting something together for him... There is a lady that has a beach house, and everybody was making him think that we were all going to that beach house on Sunday... That way he stopped thinking about anything else, and thought that they were planning to do something special for him over there (something like getting a cake or something like it)...

I called my mom and by my surprise she agreed on staying with ALL the girls overnight, so we can go to the party, and actually dont worry about the ending time to pick up the girls... It was our FIRST night out since Gaby was born in October 2003!!!!!!! What I did was tell hubby that I was going to take him out to dinner and that his coworker was going to take care of one of the girls as my mom couldnt take care of all of them at the same time.

So, at the very last minute, I told him that my mom "just" agreed on staying with the three girls, so we needed to call his coworker to let her know... Minutes before that, I called her to ask her not to pick up her cell phone when I call her... We dropped the girls at my mom's house, and here is how happy he was about our "dinner":

So, she didnt pick up and hubby was worried that she was going to be waiting for us... I told him that we should just stop by her house to let her know in person... It took a bit of convincing, especially when we got there, as he wanted me to go upstairs by myself, but I got him to go and OH BOY! He was so SURPRISED that he got watery eyes!!! Around 20 people screamed SURPRISE when he got in, and he was just speechless... The only thing he could say was a very dominican Spanish slang that means something like: "you guys have really crossed the line" (For my Spanish speaking readers, he said: Ustedes estan pasados!!!).

Here is hubby's face when he saw his gifts from me and the girls, and the other from my friend Cara:

Here is what he was reading... A card that I designed with the details of the gift to the Coral Costa Caribe Resort.. He couldnt believe his eyes:

Eating some of the snacks:


There is no a group picture as some of them didnt wanted to be published on my blog, but here is the group that stood there until almost 4am (same guys from the beach day last Saturday)!! The only one missing there is the owner of the house:

Hubby and the dog of the house:

Hubby while we were singing happy birthday to him... It was already around 3am!!

Hubby and Dennis playing with the cake!

It was really a GREAT party and hubby was REALLY happy!!! We got home and ended up going to sleep at around 5am!!! Our first night without the girls and hubby's 30th birthday celebration were a total success!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 11:51 PM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday to Ernesto!!! Great suprise!!! You both look wonderful !!!

Audreee said...

Happy belated birthday to Ernesto! You two are such a cute couple, Anelys.

Heather said...

Congrats! Im glad you did something big for 30, I love being 30, welcome to the club Ernesto!


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