PhotobucketGaby got an Improved Behavior Certificate at preschool today.... Im so happy about this and she is very proud of herself!!

Back in January I asked the psycologist that if she thought Gaby's behavior in school will improve if I quit my job, and she advised me to do it... Of course, she asked me if I could do that, and I said that I may work it out if she really thought it was going to make a positive impact on Gaby's behavior. I had been thinking about that since a couple of months ago, and it was great to hear reassurance from her.

My last day of work in the school was suppose to be on Monday 9th, but Gaby was sick that day and I stayed home with her. That day I explained her that I was not going to go back to school anymore, and that I was going to stay home to be able to work less during night time. She was thrilled specially when I explained her that I was going to pick her up when the classes were over everyday, and that she wont have to wait for daddy to finish his work for her to come back home... I also told her about how we will be able to do homeworks together everyday...

At the next day, like MAGIC, I got a comment that Gabriela behaved well in school and followed all instructions. I was really happy to hear that, but I was happier to keep getting the SAME comment EVERY SINGLE DAY... Not everyday it was written on the agenda, but I got the comment from several people. It was truly like MAGIC, cause even though there is a possibility that the behavior improved because she got suspended the previous Friday, I think the main reason is because Im now staying home, picking her up to school, and spending more time with her in general.

The funny thing is that her behavior at home changed. She was following all instructions and behaving very good. BUT, as soon as she started behaving and following instructions at school, she started to change at home. She is not out of control, but Im having a harder time getting her to follow instructions... Honestly, I dont even care. As long as I dont have to hear any other comment about my daughter's misbehavnig from somebody else, Im willing to take ANYTHING.
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2 Lovely comments :

Heather said...

Congrats! So happy for you all!

Anonymous said...

oh yay this is great news!!! Congrats to Gaby!!!! Im praying the behavior at home will pass!


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