They had a Safari day at school today because of the Scholastic Book Fair. They had a blast and I have to confess that I had a great time putting their outfits together.

I was ready to buy a "Zoo Keeper" costume that was on sale (it was actually 20 something at that moment), but that was when Camila got hospitalized and I forgot to buy it on time. By the time I remembered, it was already 30 something plus the shipping was going to be too expensive to have it on time... Also, they never had a size for Camila, so I was ordering one from a lady on Etsy, but the same thing happened: It got too late, and the shipping was going to be too expensive.

PhotobucketWhat to do? What to do? As they have khaki pants, I decided to look online for a cheap khaki shirt (if it was very very cheap, I was going to be able to pay a fast shipping), and also decided to look for boots on Amazon, as I have Amazon Prime, which means I have free 2nd Day shipping. I found the most gorgeous romper in Old Navy. It was JUST perfect, and it was only 10 bucks each (it is 15 already... boo). I got 3T and 5T, and even though I was taking the risk of Gaby not fitting, I decided to give it a try and find out later if it didnt fit. Then, I went to Amazon and got a couple of boots for the girls.. Snow boots that is, but oh well, those were the cutest ones that I found at a low price.

A few days later when I got the rompers and the boots, I found out that Mia's boots didnt fit (they did fit, but she didnt liked how they felt), and that the rompers where too small for both girls... I was expecting this with Gaby, but not with Camila... This is the second time that this happens with Old Navy, and I really need to learn my lesson and buy 2 sizes up when I buy at Old Navy.

Hubby had the idea of putting them apart and make them look as a short and jacket, and to put them a white shirt underneath. I asked my mom for her opinion and when I told her about Ernest's idea, she thought it was a great idea, and instead of leaving them apart, to instead put them back together with another fabric... The time was very short, and I had no idea where we were going to do this, and then I remembered that the school's nurse loves to sew, so I asked her for her help. A day later, and only 6 bucks later (yes, SIX BUCKS... including the fabric), I had two gorgeous Safari outfits!!! She even decorate the pockets with a little bit of the same fabric. The only thing I couldnt solve was Camila's boots (Mia's lost, is Mimi's gain), so I look for a pair of fleece boots that had "boots" face (meaning Dora's friend) .. Somehow, they came home without the sole (wonder how that happened), but that doesnt matter... What it matters is that they had fun and that they were stinkin' cute!
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Heather said...

Great idea... and great skill. I would have never pulled it off. I dont have problems with old navy sizes, weird!

Anonymous said...

OMG such a great idea ...they look sooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

H: My girls always have problems with Old Navy sizes.. But, as you buy in person, you may not notice if is happens to you..

Erica: I knew you will like it. Did you noticed? They are 18 bucks today :( I really wanted to buy one for Mimi, but it hurts to pay the double of what I paid for the other two.


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