One of the most traumatic experiences of my life happened last October. I was mugged and my purse with so many important things were lost, including our camera. I was always paranoid in public places before that, but after that incident I was overly paranoid about my belonings in public places...

How paranoid? Yesterday, when we went to the beach, I left my purse AT HOME, which is something I do frequently. I take insurance card and debit card in a pocket, and take the camera always around my neck inside on the camera bag. I also dont go to the best beach around... The main reason we go to that beach is because we can actually park the car 2 meters away from the table, which means that the important things can stay in the car. Also, it is never crowded, because people prefer other nearby beaches...

The last few times we have been on the beach, I havent been able to "be free" because I always had the camera with me, and it was too big to hide it... We were in the hunt for a small camera that fits in my hands for those beach days.

Today started very good... We went to eat at my mom's house, and then we went to my dad's house because my nephew was there. We spent a really nice time with them. Then, we went to a fair where my dad has an exhibition. It is a very crowded place, and as I knew we were going over there, we left my purse at home. Hubby also put his wallet on his front pocket, and we had nothing in our hands except for our daughters. We took the camera with us, and I put it on my neck as always, resting on top of my belly.

There was a place with very cute leather bracelets from Ecuador (my hubby's country), and we stopped by to see if we could get one for the girls... In a matter of 5 minutes, my camera was GONE. I had it in front of me at all times, but in a moment it got too crowded and two ladies pushed me, and looks like one of them opened the camera bag and took the camera away.

We wasted around 30 minutes trying to find them... Ernest look everywhere, and let know every security guard around. The thing was that I never laid eyes on the ladies, so I really didnt even notice what clothes they were wearing or anything.

I feel frustated, upset, angry, and I simply think it is NOT fair. I didnt lost that many photos, because I had downloaded all the photos from yesterday, but we lost of the photos that we took at my mom's house, at my dad's house with my nephew and also a few photos that we took of the girls and me while watching a house exhibition a few minutes before the incident...

Gaby is also freaked out. She was present when my purse got stolen, and was present now. I was calmed at all times, but she KNEW and undertood what happened. She havent stop asking HOW are we going to take photos now??

Blogging will be very boring without photos, specially since a few important things are coming soon and I just wonder when we will be ablet o afford ANOTHER camera!! We will, but it is VERY frustating, specially since Im soo paranoid and SO ALERT... Sigh!
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Anonymous said...

How horrible Anely's! you take beautiful pics i can't believe it. But you know it happen to so many of us, where i use to work we got jump by two man with guns it was scary and you get that feeling it may happen again. My cousin's digital camera was also stolen FROM A CHURCH!!! so it can happen anywhere, just be real careful with your girls when to travel to very public places like that.


Anonymous said...

OMG hun Im sooooo sorry to hear this .......this is horrible!!!!!!!! People are so cruel. I wish i would find those ladies ....and give them a nice PUNCH...LOL

Diana said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you again! I'm Dominican so I know exactly how crazy it could be when you are in crowded places over there. Hugs

Jenny said...

That is terrible! How scary that it was around you neck and so close to you.

Heather said...

Holy smack, it got stolen while it was on your neck? Thats crazy and scary! Im sorry it happened but glad your all ok.

Melissa said...

Aww, I am so sorry about this! :(

Lisa (LGMB) said...

I am so sorry someone swiped your camera and it's not fair! I hope that someone bumped into the theives at the fair and spilled a big coke all over the camera so that they cannot use it or see your beautiful family :)

I buy cheap cameras now.


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Samy: I cant even imagine how it feels to be robbed with guns... However, I think I would feel like I was robbed and would be scared... With this I feel like a was taken like a stupid!

Erica: I wish I could punch them too!! Life will, though....

Diana: Thanks for stopping by... And thanks for the hugs!! I emailed you yesterday!!

Jenny: Yes, that was the worst part... I was actually taking care of it!!! Sigh!

H: Thanks!

Melissa: Me too!

Lisa: Im late answering this, but you did bring a smile to my face when I first read this!!! Thanks!!!


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