The last time hubby and I saw Gaby's psychologist, we asked her if she was willing to stop by the school to evaluate her there as there was nothing that she or us was really concerned about, except for the reports from the school. She agreed, and it happened today. After she observed her, we got all together to talk (the psychologist, the school's psychologist, the teacher, the principal, hubby and me).

The psychologist suggested an action plan, and we will just have to wait and see. Her behavior in school havent improved, even though she is acting more mature with us and with everybody else... Just last Saturday, she was sleepy and tired and Ariel Enrique was literally jumping on top of her. She was in a lazy boy seat and he wanted to play in it. Gaby acted like a big girl and didnt got upset, and understood he was just playing.

Next week is her evaluation report from the school.. I wondering what's in there!
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