There is a mall that we hardly go because it's a bit far. There is also lots of traffic to get there, and people are wilder while driving in that area. Anway, they built a park with some rides back in January, and we have been trying to go since then. Today we finally decided to go and we had so much fun!!!
Mimi was so happy with all the lights, and Mia and Gaby were happy with the rides... Gaby even got in the Pirate Ship (of course, it was not as big as the ones that you find in big Amusement Parks). We couldnt get cute pictures, because they were more "amazed" than "happy", and our camera is not that fast but the good thing is that they had lots of fun.

Mia and Gaby in the cars....
In the horses...
Camila actually had a tantrum when the ride was over... She loved it!
Gaby in the Pirate Ship (yes, she actually sat on the top)
In the train...
We can wait to go back again... We will be using this park as a reward for good bahavior.
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8 Lovely comments :

My3Ro's said...

So cute and so fun. I love the pics.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Man, Cameron is sitting next to me begging me to go there! I must agree it does look fun.

Heather said...

Yeah for good family time. I am laughing that all 3 girls have worn the hair bow now, lol!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Sus: Thanks

Gentri: Im telling you... You guys HAVE to come to this country!! can you imagine your 3 boys with my 3 girls??? OMG!!!!!!!!

Heather: You, party pooper!! I was going to make a post just talking about how I got my money out of that headband!!!!

Adrians Mama said...

Ohhh my how cute are these pics!!!!!!!!! The girls are soooooooo beautiful!!! By the way...I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

Bridget said...

oh what fun!!! Looks like they had a great time on those rides!

Anonymous said...

Wow I've never seen anything like that! I think I would be amazed just like your girls. I bet you visit that mall more often now.

Emma said...

wow that looks like so much fun!!! hopefully i can go there nex time I go back home


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