Today I went to pick up Mia's evaluation. As she started in March, this is the first evaluation I get, so it is the firts time that somebody (besides the pediatrician) evaluates her. Her school doesnt start English until the 3 years old class, so her class have been completely in Spanish, so I had to translate it to post it. I know this will be VERY LONG, so Im thanking in advance to those that will take the time to read it.

The progress interpretation keys are:
4 - Advance Performance (Significantly Exceeds Standards)
3 - Proficient Performance (Exceeds Standards)
2 - Basic Performance (Meets Standards)
1 - Minimal Performance (Meets the Standards in some parts)
0 - Does not meet the Stardanards
* - Not evaluated this time

As this evaluation is made for toddlers from 12 to 24 months, some specifies the age.

Socioemotional Area: She got all 3 in this area(Exceeds Standards)
- Play with other kids- 3
- Recognize objects from around her and their characteristics- 3
- Enjoys celebrations made on the school- 3
- Express her emotions like sad, happy or scared- 3
- Recognize her own image in a mirror- 3
- Imitates others- 3
- Treat other with tenderness- 3
- Cooperates with dressing- 3
- Accepts her parents absence continuing her activities- 3
- Repeats actions to encourage laughter or attention from others- 3
- Hands in a book to an adult to be read it- 3
- Share objects when she is asked- 3
- Greets others when remembered- 3
- Can take her socks off- 3
- Eats without help with a spoon even if she makes a little mess- 3
- Drinks from an open cup with one hand- 3
- Can take her shoes off- 3
- Plays alone (initiates her own game) - 3
- Dramatizes (hugs dolls and rock them) - 3
- Starts to be independent- 3
- Shows some self-control of her emotions- 3
- Takes care of the nature around her- 3

Cognitive Development: She got mixed 2’s (Meet the standards), and 3’s (Exceed Standards)
- Takes objects from a container one by one - 3
- Reach and use an object to help her reach another object - 3
- Makes pairs of objects - 2
- Makes pairs of objects with illustrations - 2
- Shows a figure when you ask her - 3
- Follows two instructions - 3
- Browse around for a hidden object - 3
- Make puzzles of 2 to 5 pieces - 3
- Identifies parts of the body - 2
- Shows from 4 to 5 illustrations from a book when asked - 3
- Shows her age with her fingers - 2
- Shows the parts of her body when asked - 3
- Names some parts of the body - 3

Language Development: She got mixed 2’s (Meet the standards), and 3’s (Exceed Standards)
- Says at least 5 different words (12 – 15 months old) - 3
- Makes animals sounds or use the sound to name the animal - 3
- Ask for common food naming it when someone shows it to her - 3
- Understands around 20 words and can pronounce around 12- 3
- Says her name when she is asked - 3
- Answers to the question “What is this?” with the name of the object - 2
- Says “Hello” and “Good-Bye” (20-21 months old) - 3
- Says “more” - 3
- Says “all done” - 3
- Uses the pronoun “I” (24 months old) - 3
- Uses prepositions referred to possession “to”(me), “for” (me), “from”(me) (24 months old) - 2
- Uses de word “is” (24 months old) - 2
- Use “no” in her language - 3
- Use “Good-bye”, “please”, and “thank you” when reminded - 3
- Completes a repeated sentence in a known story - 2
- Repeats words when she is told – 3

Fine Motor Skills:
She got all mixed 3’s (Exceed Standards, except for one 2 (Meet the standards)
- Holds a jumbo crayon firmly and scribbles – 3
- Can put a block on top of the other holding the one at the bottom - 3
- Pick and hold two objects with one hand - 3
- Makes puzzles of 2-3 pieces (16-17 months old) - 3
- Turn pages from books (two by two or one by one) - 3
- Can build a tower of three to four blocks - 3
- Open and close several kind of containers - 3
- Makes puzzles of 4-6 pieces (23-24 months old) - 3
- Makes vertical lines imitating an adult – 2

Gross Motor Skills:
She got mixed 2’s (Meet the standards), and 3’s (Exceed Standards)
- Walks without help - 3
- Can sit down on the floor and catch a ball between the legs - 3
- Kick a ball holding onto something to keep balance - 3
- Can kneel without help - 3
- Go up the stairs crawling - 3
- Can walk to the side - 2
- Can sit down by herself in a chair her size - 3
- Go over small obstacles - 3
- Go down the stairs crawling backwards (18-19 months old) - 2
- Go down the stairs walking with help (19-20 months old) - 2
- Can kick a big ball (19-20 months old) - 3
- Can walk holding objects (20 months old) - 3
- Can walk through a straight line (21-22 months old) - 3
- Can go down a small slide (23-24 months old) - 3
- Can jump with both feet in the same place (24-25 months old) - 3

Musical and Artistic Development: She got mixed 2’s (Meet the standards), 3’s (Exceed Standards), and 4’s (Significantly exceeds standards)
- Scribbles still without eye-hand coordination - 3
- Scribbles with a “broom” movement - 3
- Makes circular scribbles - 2
- Makes spiral scribbles - 2
- Enjoys listening to music - 4
- Reacts to sound against silence - 3
- Explore different instruments - 4
- Enjoys the songs - 4
- Tries to sing / Starts to make tones patterns - 4

And here is her teacher’s written comment:
This school year has been so much fun and adventure for our Camila, who managed to integrate to our school’s family very easily. At the beginning she was a bit shy, but now she is very happy and shows spontaneously her emotions. She likes to cooperate, and normally respects the classroom rules. Enjoys to participate very actively in the school’s activities (in and out of the classroom), especially painting, coloring, play in the construction center and make puzzles.

She shows proper gross motor skills, which allows her to climb and run easily, even though sometimes she doesn’t have the adequate coordination.

It will be really good for Camila to expose her during the summer to materials of different textures. It will also be good for her to offer her learning activities that she enjoys like dramatized stories, sing along, poems, interactive stories, to help her with her language development.

Congratulations for accomplish the objectives proposed in our classroom, we really enjoyed being with you. Happy Summer!

Posted by Anelys Perez On 7:34 PM 12 comments

12 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

Enhorabuena, soy muy orgulloso de usted.
I hope that is right, maybe you can teach me spanish.
I am so happy that you fit into school life so easily.
Love Cara

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Well done Cara!!! The Spanish is not completely correct (it should say: Enhorabuena, estoy muy orgullora de ti), but what you wrote it is understandable by any Spanish speaking person!! :)

Kari-Anne said...

Wow that is a great report card - Mia should be so proud !!!
Congratulations !!!

Guzzie said...

Well done,Camila!! I am glad that her first school experience was so great!

Anonymous said...

She did a fabulous job. I can't believe that they evaluate them on so much.

Heather said...

what? they write all that? I am shocked! great job for Mia though!!! Congrats!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thank you girls....

Heather: The evaluation is printed and customized for each grade... They just put the numbers... The last part it is written, though...

My3Ro's said...

Mia sweetie you have grown so much since I met you. You amaze me every day. Dont grow up too fast. We love you.

Jennie B said...

Yeah ! Thats a great evaluation! Looks like you may have a little musician on your hands! All those 4's!!

Adrians Mama said...

Ohh Mia how wonderful!!!! She is doing GREAT!!!!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Sus and Meg: Thanks!

Jennie: Yes, she is just crazy about music!!! I know all kids like music but each kid has these few things that like more than anything else.... Well.. Mia's "things" are music, shoes and Elmo!!!

Emma said...

that is awsome that she is able to do so well in school. Congrats y estan preciosas tus bebes


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