Today I had a lunch from work. In most schools there is always a "Teacher's Appreciation" activity, and of course the administrative staff (me included) gets invited too. They took us to a buffette in a very good restaurant from the city.

They also made some raffles and mostly everybody got something... I got a basket from a local rum. We dont drink alcohol at all, so I know it will get some dust in this house... My father in law will love it (as it even has souvenirs from the rum like a hat, a CD holder, and a few more things), but my mother in law is Pentecostal, and she wont be happy about it. We'll see.

Anyway, Im the oficial photographer of the school, so everybody and everything has pictures, but Im not in them.... Oh well, not that I like to be in pictures anyway....
Posted by Anelys Perez On 8:55 PM 4 comments

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Heather said...

Glad you had a good lunch and some true appreciation! congrats!


Anonymous said...

Yum sounds good, was there anything i could have eaten hehe
Speaking of Rum, Ernesto what am i supposed to put in that bottle with all the leaves that i got?? i gave it to my bro and promised to find out what to put in it . . .

My3Ro's said...

You deserve a feast for all thw work you do. You are a great person and I am lucky to know you. Congrats on having made it through it all.

Jennie B said...

Hey any gift is a good gift, its nice to just sit and look at it knowing you won it. :)

I loved Teacher Appreciation week when I was teaching, it was a good feeling knowing others thought we were doing a good job!

Glad you had a good lunch and finally got a pic of yourself, instead of being the taker.


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