... or should I say "body" painting??

We came home from school and the girls were asking to go to the pool. As Mia is sick from Mimi's cold, that was not going to be possible, so I decided to do some finger painting.... I normally get a bit crazy with trying to keep them out of making much mess, but today I had a really bad headache I wasnt in the mood of talking too much.

And of course, if mommy if not asking them a hundred times to be cool, to keep painting in the paper and not somewhere else, and so on, this is what happens:
Then, I left them with daddy because I went to take an hour nap to see if the headache was getting better, and this is what I found on the camera:
Thank God daddy pull out the hose and clean everything AND everybody before I went down!
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6 Lovely comments :

Samy said...

omg!!!! look at that horrible mess i love it, great Kodac momment.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Can you say FUN? Those two look like they are having the best time. There are just some moments that it is fun to let them go all out and have a blast. It all washes and so do they.

Anonymous said...

eaaaahhhhhhhh que revolu!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow i am glad i wasn't there to clean up that mess!!
well done Ernesto though they had a blast by the look of that :-)
Love Cara

Heather said...

OMG is all i can say about that.


Kari-Anne said...

I just love these photos ... thank you for sharing with us . I just had to catch up on your blog as I have not been on in ages . I was thrilled to find so many photos :o)
I just love it . I wish we lived closer so our kids could play ..



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