I always said that my girls were not going to go to somebody else's house to sleepover, much less at 4 years old. I said that I wanted the sleepovers to be in my house, even if I had to ended up with 10 girls by myself. There are so many stories of girls being abussed by their friend's dad or uncle or brother, and I just dont want to sum the statistic.

There is this girl from Gaby's school that keeps inviting her to her house, and Gaby was rooting for that. Her mom is one of the moms that I have talked to the most from Gaby's school and we have building a friendship... When the school was over at 2:30pm I received a call from hubby. Janiluz (that's the name of the friend), her mom and Gaby were "demanding" that we allow her to go for a playdate at her friend's house. I was thinking about it, when the mom just said: "Just let her have fun!"... and I just said yes. It was true. Gaby hardly have that fun just for her, and it was fair to let her go, plus I knew she was going to be in good hands.

They were having a blast and when we went to pick her up, they (of course) started begging me to let her stay overnight (which I ignore). I sat for a bit with the mom and we talked a lot (while poor hubby was in the car babysitting Mia and Mimi that were sleeping in their carseats). I told Gaby that it was time to go, and the begging started again. They were not whinning or anything. They were begging with their smiles on, and the mom told me that it was Ok with her. So, I let her. She went to the car to say good bye to hubby, who was surprised but that agree with it because he trusts my decision.

I took two pictures and for some reason they were coming out weird, so I stopped taking them... Here are the two pictures, with their extra blurry and moving heads...

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Heather said...

Its a big step, you did it with great care and caution. good job!!



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