We registered Mimi in a nursery that was close to our house, but in the day to day, we realized that we needed her to be close to my job, not close to the house. So, this morning she started a new nursery a block away from my job. We didnt want to change her because she was already used to the other place, but if you guys remember the nursery where I had her it is suppose to be for toddlers 1 year up that walks, and the principal accepted Mimi as an exception... So, they are really not that prepared for a non-walking baby.

In the new nursery, they accept babies after 1 month old, and they have everything that Mimi needs to be really happy and comfortable: a playpen for each baby, gyms, cushing walls and floors, vaporizer in the room, and the lady that is in charge of the kids is a nurse, and she also has a teacher's aide. Another plus is that the co-owner is a pediatrician and they will give her a check up every month. The other co-owner (that is the one that is actually there day to day basis), used to be a hair stylist before studying early education, and they give "grooming" services too. This may sound funny, but I think it is really nice that Mimi can get a haircut with somebody that she already trusts (which may be pretty soon).
She was really happy when I left, and I had the best feeling that she was going to be great. As she is a block away from my job, I stop by around 11:00am and she was soo happy. Her teacher (the nurse) told me that she is the sweetest baby and that she havent cry not even once.

When I picked her up she was clean, fed and happy. Her diaper bag and lunch box were clean, and even the bottles were sterilized. The dialy report book is also very complete, Im really happy and I hope everything stays like that.
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Anonymous said...

THat is great I wish i could find something like that here that wasnt too expensive....there is one a block away from me but they want me to pay $2200 per month!!!!!

Heather said...

That is fantastic. Congrats!!! All your girls are so sweet!!


And now we're a family said...

That is awesome that you found such a great nursery!! I also wish I could find one that nice. It would make me feel better about having to find a job soon. They are very expensive here also, not quite as expensive as the previous comment. It's $1000 per month here.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I wont even say how much it cost so you guys dont get depressed. The thing is that is a new place, and it happens to be owned by a pediatrician. I mean, if it were an place with more years of experience and with a hired pediatrician, then it will be mad expensive.

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

OMGosh, that nursery sounds awesome!! YOu are lucky!! She'll never want to come home, LOL.

I also loved the cupcakes, too cute. They look so darn yummy and we've got someone with a crush too but it is ok, we are arranging their marriage, LOL.


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